23 terrifying cosplayers who'll give you great ideas for Halloween costumes

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:28 AM EDT (Updated)

For genre fans, Halloween's the one time of year when you can actually rock your cosplay skills in the regular world — so here, for the fourth in our series of posts to celebrate the 31 Days of Halloween, are some cool ideas that’ll help terrify your neighborhood.

Cosplayers have always pushed the limits with genre mashing and wicked detail, so we’ve pulled together several examples to help you kickstart any last-minute costume designs. 

One of the most interesting angles is the fact that you can take something fairly normal — a Superman costume, or nurse's outfit — and turn it into something truly terrifying. Heck, splash a few blood droplets on a medical mask and it can make something normal into something very, very creepy.

Makeup work is also a major factor when it comes to Halloween gear, and we have some truly frightening examples below.