23 hot, creepy or weird sci-fi creatures humans have had sex with

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

As Splice proves, whenever creatures and humans get together, hookups are sure to follow. Sometimes they're creepy. Sometimes they can even be hot. And sometimes they're just plain weird.

But one thing's for sure—sci-fi is full of them! So here are 23 of the creature couplings that have moved us the most.


For a nerdy guy, nothing should sound more alarms than being hit on by a stunningly attractive woman. Sure, many attractive women go for nerdy guys, but most of the stunning women who hit on everyday Joes are either working, setting up a robbery or alien beings trying to find a host in which their young can gestate.


Of all the aliens in all the galaxies, Superman is probably the hunkiest. Not bad for a guy created on a faraway planet. All of his, erm, parts even match up perfectly with Lois Lane's. Let this be a general lesson about sci-fi aliens—the more they look like us, the nicer they tend to be.


Forming a plotline with "wrong" practically written over every word, Steve Guttenberg has weirdo sex with an alien. Alien sex apparently involves the female tossing a ball of light into the male, but we have another theory. Our theory is that alien sex is a lot like human sex, but the alien disguised as Tahnee Welch didn't really want to get it on with Guttenberg. So she made up a light show, then puffed a cigarette, claiming it was over.

Earth Girls Are Easy

Geena Davis encounters a trio of furry aliens. After giving them a trim, she discovers not only that the aliens resemble humans, but that they're totally hot (see #2). Then she totally gets with one of the aliens, injecting a huge amount of hair growth into her bloodline.


This flat-out awful sexploitation flick features an alien planet as the setting for wild sexcapades. Maybe if we stopped beaming our DNA into space and started beaming soft-core alien porn, we'd be visited by extraterrestrials a lot faster.

The Man Who Fell to Earth

Everyone's favorite half-human/half-something else, David Bowie, stars in this film about an alien seeking water. After engaging in sexual intercourse with a human, Bowie becomes addicted to, not sex, but television and alcohol. No wonder aliens accomplish so much—they're never thinking about sex.


Playing an alien, Jeff Bridges crashes to Earth. With only three days to reach a lift-off site, Bridges still manages to meet and bag a human lady. That's superior alien genetics at work, folks.

They Live

This classic film, in which aliens subversively control humankind, ends with the aliens' broadcasting equipment being destroyed. No longer tricked into believing aliens are humans, people everywhere are shocked to learn their companions are aliens. No one is more surprised than the woman in the film's final scene, who is copulating with someone she thinks is a man, but who turns into an alien. Usually that doesn't happen until the morning after.

Decoys 2

Again, nerdy guys should always bring protection when having sex with hot ladies. Like a baseball bat, or some other form of protection. In Decoys 2, an alien turns into a hot dominatrix before ramming its tentacles down the human mate's throat. For all the advancement aliens have with their futuristic technology, they really missed out by skipping the Free Love movement.

Evil Aliens

The reason nerds aren't more sexually active is probably that they're convinced it leads to alien death. In the slapstick-horror Evil Aliens, a nerdy boy is the specimen of choice for alien mating. Apparently their advanced alien DNA is lacking in "pasty."

Third Rock From the Sun

Human Mary needed a lot of patience to show the impulsive alien, Dick, what modern Earth love is all about. No word on how many consecutive showers Mary had to take upon finding out her man was an alien.

My Stepmother Is an Alien

Kim Basinger plays a smokin' gorgeous alien who falls for the meek and brainy Dan Aykroyd. The alien turns out to be really nice and never tries to lay eggs in anybody (a huge sign of respect in alien culture).

Star Trek: TNG

The Betazoid Deanna Troi hooks up with human William Riker, even getting married in one of the movies. This coupling really made a lot of Star Trek fans angry, and made us wonder why futuristic aliens can't lose the 1980s' huge hair fashion.

Doctor Who

The Doctor, himself, has had a lot of steamy maybe-romances with human women. But Jack Harkness from the 51st century, who first appeared on Doctor Who, comes from a time when getting it on with aliens isn't a taboo subject. Harkness seems to hook up with aliens like a sailor on shore leave, so the future must also hold some great anti-STD treatments.


This extraterrestrial-focused Who spinoff features its own interspecies hookup. Computer whiz Toshiko enters a relationship with an extraterrestrial named Mary. It's starting to look like, in the world of sci-fi, the perfect woman for any nerd is an alien.

Star Trek: TOS

Like a nymphomaniac the day after the invention of penicillin, Capt. Kirk made it his mission to Boldly Go Where No Man's Junk Has Gone Before. Note how the Klingons could easily have bested him by sending a seductively hot alien to mate with, then kill Kirk. The only hitch was that none of the Klingons are hot, which is also why they are so hostile.

Mork & Mindy

This alien-human couple finally married and consummated the wedding in the final season. Then Mork laid a giant egg which hatched a fully-grown Jonathan Winters. Ratings declined for obvious reasons—what had once been high-quality fish-out-of-water slapstick had been downgraded to Robin Williams passing an enormous egg through an unknown orifice.

Out of This World

Time-freezing Evie was a product of alien Troy's passionate romance with human Donna. We always felt kinda creeped out by the backstory for Out of This World. Alien Troy seduced Donna, possibly through the use of alien time-manipulation powers, then bounced to another planet to "fight a war." We don't know what's less likely—that Donna would fall for this scheme, or that it would actually turn out to be true.

District 9

One of the underlying themes to this film (besides "Hey, let's trust South Africa's stunning track record of human rights enforcement!") was interspecies crime. Prostitution was not neglected, and a brief glimpse of human/prawn sex is shown. Notice that the aliens look nothing like humans, which is why they are generally jerks. Let this article be a lesson to all aliens—invade our planet with the hot blond human disguise. We won't even care if you're hostile. Most hot blondes kinda are.


This film is the ultimate fantasy for anyone who's ever wanted to remotely control a alien thing and use it to have a relationship with another alien. Judging from box office receipts, that's about 5 billion people.

Howard the Duck

Perhaps the earliest warning sign of George Lucas' inability to write unedited, this film features a duck-looking alien doing the nasty with none other than Lea Thompson. Word is, this made it impossible for Thompson to go to Disneyland, as the guy in the Donald Duck costume always hits on her.


Aeryn Sun is an alien, but of a species completely indistinguishable from humans in appearance. What an amazing coincidence, which only seems to be replicated in half of the sci-fi alien movies in existence. Anyway, Sun meets the human John Crichton and eventually mothers his children. You know, because they look alike.

Galaxy Quest

This hilarious sci-fi spoof features Kwan, the engine-room chief, falling for the alien Laliari. Though mostly appearing in human form, Laliari occasionally shows tentacles, particularly while embracing Kwan. We're not sure whether this enhances their love life, but we are sure there are at least a million manga comics illustrating how it does.