24, Doctor Who, and Halo: Nightfall actress joins Star Wars!

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Jul 17, 2014

You may not have heard of Christina Chong, but you've probably seen her and didn't even realize it.  Most recently, she was in that surprising reboot for 24 as Mariana. She was in a really brilliant episode of the new Twilight-Zone-style show Black Mirror called "The Waldo Moment" (highly recommended), and she was on Doctor Who playing Lorna Bucket. Do you remember Lorna? She was in A Good Man Goes to War, she apparently met the Doctor once before in the Gamma Forest, and she gave Amy that cloth with her baby's name in the language of Lorna's people. The one that translates as "River Song."

And then she dies! But not before doing an awful lot of heavy lifting for a one-shot character.

What's impressive, though, is that her film and TV career didn't really start until 2008. She's done a lot in just six years. And now she'll be adding to that by joining the cast of Star Wars. We haven't heard what part she'll be playing, but just based on what we've seen of her, we're very excited to see her on board.

We'd say she's very lucky to be part of one of the largest sci-fi franchises of all time, but, really, Star Wars is lucky to have her.

(via Comic Book Movie)

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