24 Japanese Star Trek movie posters to boldly beam into your brain

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Sep 27, 2016

With Star Trek observing its monumental Golden Anniversary this month, it's a perfect time to remember that the beloved franchise is a worldwide phenomenon, enjoyed by literally dozens of sci-fi crazy countries around the globe.   Our initial gateway into the cinematic adventures of the intrepid crew of the USS Enterpise with each filmic outing since 1979 is usually some vibrant pre-release one-sheet seen out in the wild at bus stops, subway stations, urban multiplexes and emblazoned across freeway billboards.  Evocative movie posters are the life's blood of any viable studio's international marketing campaign.  They are dispensible and ubiquitous!  

Here's a kaleidoscopic array of 24 visually arresting Star Trek posters from the Land of the Rising Sun, displaying cinematic odysseys from all 13 entries of the spacey saga, from the serene Star Trek: The Motion Picture through the horrors of Star Trek Insurrection and straight on 'til this summer's bombastic Star Trek Beyond.  

It's warp speed ahead into our geeky Trek-centric gathering and tell us which Japanese market promotional artworks inspire you to seek out the stars.

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