25 important green figures in the world of science fiction

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Jul 8, 2017, 2:43 PM EDT (Updated)

It's St. Patrick's Day, which means you have an excuse to get drunk, eat Lucky Charms, watch the Jennifer Aniston classic Leprechaun or, if you are like me, mourn the departed ABC soap opera Ryan's Hope (ask your mother, she'll get the reference). Or, of course, to wear green.

Given that, we decided to list out, in no particular order, 25 incredibly important green figures in the world of science fiction.



The Hulk

Like you're shocked by this. Personally, the different color Hulks we've seen - Red Hulk, Gray Hulk, etc - only reaffirms my love of the original green baddie. P.S. did you ever notice that Lou Ferrigno's Hulk always wore green slippers?


Green Lantern

Another duh. Many, many have had the title of Green Lantern - Alan Scott, Guy Gardner, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, a whole bunch of aliens (and even a planet) - but we're putting Hal Jordan on the list. He's the most famous and his Super Powers action figure was the best. 


Green Arrow

Of all Green Arrow's costumes, I love this one best. Fun fact: Kenner took the mold for the Green Arrow figure from the Super Powers line and remade it into the Robin Hood action figure from the Kevin Costner movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. See?



Despite only appearing in two episodes of the original series, Vina left a lasting impression on the Star Trek franchise. She's had action figures made of her and there is NO way Rachel Nichols' Gaila from 2009's Star Trek isn't based on her.



From one green lady to another. Remember for a hot second when she first appeared the She-Hulk (then the "Savage She-Hulk") she was triggered by anger? Here's to hoping one day the Brigette Nielsen She-Hulk movie actually gets made. 



Were it not for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, we're not sure Gamora would make this list. The farther back you go in the comics, you'll see sometimes she's not really colored as green (or maybe she is and I'm color blind). But she's green now, and we're better for it. 


The Green Hornet

I personally always thought the Green Hornet was a bit boring; his costume lacked originality and flair (like, my Dad basically had his outfit, minus the mask). Still, he's green, been around since the 1930s and Bruce Lee was Kato (whose pose is amazing in this photo), so there's that. 


Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing first appeared in 1971 and his portrayal has run the gamut from pure horror to superheroics to more experimental storytelling. But perhaps his most important portrayal was in the 1989's Return of the Swamp Thing starring Heather Locklear!




Jade has always been amongst my favorite characters. The daughter of Green Lantern Alan Scott, she had his same power set but didn't need to rely on hardware. Instead, her green energy emanated from a star symbol on her palm. This all said, Jade was under the very bizarre delusion that, with green skin, she could become a working actress. But, then again, Paris Hilton got roles so who knows. 


Martian Manhunter

I've always felt a little bad for the Martian manhunter. He was one of the original members of the Justice League but never got the glory of his fellow team members. Cyborg even replaced him when the whole DC line rebooted in 2011.


Michaelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo and Donatello

See what we did there? Four in one. If you really think about it, the turtles did a lot for the pizza industry.


Venus de Milo

Who remembers the female turtle? Based on fan reaction, not many. Seems she’s been purposefully banished from people’s brains.



Also known as Beast Boy (I’ve always preferred Changeling), Gar Logan was the classic “uses laughter to hide pain” character. He is, was and we hope, always will be, totally endearing. He and Cyborg are the best best friends.



Yoda’s green right? Even if he isn’t, Yoda should be on this list because Yoda should be on every list.


Brainiac 5

Brainy is great because he’s such a snob. He’s the “I don’t watch TV; I don’t even OWN a TV” of the Legion of Superheroes and oddly it works for him.



Deep cut here people. Shamrock, who has probability altering powers, first appeared in Marvel’s 1982 limited series Contest of Champions and has only made sporadic appearances since. If you haven’t figured it out, she’s Irish.


Moss Man

It could only happen in the 80s: This Masters of the Universe figure was made of astro turf.


The Wicked Witch of the West

Many people associate the idea of being green with being evil thanks to this lady. Everyone ranks on her beef with Dorothy, but in all fairness the girl did land a house on her sister. 



Slimer not only has that disease which makes you always hungry, he's arguably the most famous product of the Ghostbusters franchise. I always found Janine Melnitz's outer borough strength more interesting but c'est la vie. 



Beatriz daCosta once went by the names Green Flame and Green Fury and could blow fire out of her nose (that's actually how she would fly). Then the Invasion genebomb happened and she could turn her whole body into fire and became awesome. 


The Green Ranger

Poor Tommy was manipulated by Rita Repulsa to DESTROY the Power Rangers, but good won over evil and he joined the crew - and became the primary "It's morphin time!" shouter.


Patty O'Green

Patty O'Green is from Rainbow Brite which, before you question its inclusion on this list, is absolutely science fiction/fantasy (it takes place in another dimension populated by sprites where humanoid children control colors and a horse can talk and fly). That said, the subtly named Patty seems like that woman that works in every office who likes tailgating a little too much and could probably kick your ass.

We undoubtedly left off about 19,000 green things and people. List who would go on your list below!