25 sci-fi images guaranteed to piss off geeks

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:33 AM EDT (Updated)

We freely admit that as sci-fi geeks, we get a little obsessive about details, and we can get a little miffed when people seem oblivious to something we think is vital knowledge. But we also have to admit that sometimes there's nothing funnier than a pissed-off nerd, and the Internet totally agrees with us there.

In some corners of the web, the images below are known as "Troll Quotes," but whatever you call them, we think they're just good clean fun. The idea is simple: deliberately misattribute quotes or concepts from beloved sci-fi or fantasy franchises, and often throw in an image that's completely off base just for extra fun.

The result: images designed to piss off geeks, or confuse the uninitiated. Either way, they're good for a laugh.

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