25 thoughts I had while watching the Teen Wolf series finale

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Sep 25, 2017, 6:30 PM EDT

Sunday night was the series finale for MTV’s Teen Wolf (2011), a dark, gritty reboot (in the loosest sense of the word) of the beloved 1980s movie of the same name. The show gave us Dylan O’Brien, star of the Maze Runner series, and Tyler Hoechlin, the Superman to CW’s Supergirl.  Over the course of six seasons, Teen Wolf was an ever-moving cast of werewolves, hunters, kanima, dread doctors, nogitsune, psychics, witches … I’m sure I’m leaving some important ones out, but you get the gist.

Teen Wolf managed to mix horror and comedy, with a young, engaging cast. The writing was exciting and terrifying, if not always set in a coherent narrative. It centered around Scott McCall (played by Tyler Posey), an initially asthmatic teen in the fictional town of Beacon Hills, California. In the first episode, he’s bitten by a werewolf, loses the asthma, and becomes a star lacrosse player. The show chronicled Scott’s journey to becoming the perfect Alpha, alongside his best friend Stiles, and the rest of his pack, rounded out as the seasons progressed with a were-coyote, a banshee, a chimera, and several other baby/daddy wolves.

So, what was it like watching the series finale as a huge fan?

- Scott got so world-weary. He’s come so far from the Beatle-haired 16-year-old kid in the premiere. He was a were-teen. Now he’s a WERE-MAN. 




- It is bananas that they didn’t bring Arden Cho back for the series finale. They spent an entire season setting up her romance with Scott … but Malia gets to be his one and only? It’s Sayid and Shannon all over again.

- The green screen is ROUGH here. The show usually can hide some of the cheaper special effects with low lighting, because you know everything goes wrong at night. But the nighttime was their friend if this green screening is any indication. Yikes.


- They’re leaning into the nostalgia really heavily in this episode.  Which is a hilarious thing to say about a show that is based on a movie from the '80s.

- Okay, here’s the thing about Gerard and Monroe as this season’s B-villains. They’re too evil. Gerard was the worst when he was the Big Bad early on in the show’s run, and now he’s the worst in the last season, and he makes my stomach hurt. He has the Most. Punchable. Face. Look at his face. Don’t you want to punch it? I want to punch it.


- The show opens with Scott saving a new baby wolf, but the last episode ended with them needing to go to war. As usual, Teen Wolf, I am so confused about the timeline. When is this?? Where am I?? Who is this random kid who is eating into my Wolf-pack-time??? I only get 43 minutes! Stop making me watch randos!

- Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Hoechlin both came back for the series finale, which is the best. Because this show sorely needed them ... O’Brien in particular. That said, I waited six seasons for Stiles and Lydia to get together and you couldn’t give me a shot of them hugging during their reunion? Derek hugged Scott! Come on, man. Six seasons.

- I’m going to miss Teen Wolf’s version of “wolfing out” – so many jawlines and cheekbones and bared teeth. But really just the jawlines. So many good jawlines.


- Thank you for this.


- I can’t believe how the writers of this show got me to care about characters I previously would have happily thrown into a pit. Tears for Deucalion? Who would have thought?

- There is so much monologuing in this episode. It's definitely a byproduct of losing a major character and having to fill him in on screen, and also having a villain like Gerard. Ugh.

- God bless Colton Haynes for coming back for this season. Jackson sweet-talking / maybe on the verge of seducing his way out of being imprisoned should be our new aesthetic.


- I watched this live with commercials, and did you know that MTV is bringing TRL back? How will it exist without boy band culture?

- The magic of Teen Wolf is that in two episodes, they got me to ship a character I didn’t care about with a character I hated. Liam and Theo should just kiss, probably. They're certainly staring into each other's eyes long enough. 


- Melissa McCall should be in everything. I’m glad Teen Wolf allowed the parents to actually be an active part of the narrative. My squee when she and Argent kissed was heard around the world.

- I wish we could have seen Lydia being the badass banshee that she is in this episode. She, of all the characters, had the most growth over the tenure of the series.


- In the grand tradition of supernatural teen television, the end of the world will take place in the local high school.

- I also can’t believe I care about Peter Hale, who was the worst of the worst, but now is Chaotic Neutral.

- THIS SHOW IS VERY STRESSFUL. The suspense might actually kill me. I do feel like I’ve run a marathon. Even if my Fitbit doesn’t count it.

- Did you know that Sheriff Stilinski is played by Linden Ashby, the same actor who played Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat?


- Oh yes, the ole’ Were-jaguar. There are so many were-animals.

- Bringing back some of the series’ strongest villains was a good move. Void Stiles! VOID STILES!


- This show has always been heavy on the gore, but I was not prepared for Scott to claw his own eyes out. This thought is dedicated to the throw pillow I held in front of my face while I screamed.

- And as usual, on Teen Wolf, I’m not sure that the actual answer made sense. This show tends to play it fast and loose with lore rules, but has Mountain Ash ever actually killed a werewolf? Why would it kill this fear demon? Why didn’t it hurt Scott where Stiles just threw it all willy-nilly into the library? They’re going to distract me with feelings in a minute, but I wanted this out there for posterity.

- They did distract us with feelings, but that’s okay. It’s really what I watch this show for … that and the jump scares. Leaving it with an open ending was bold, or maybe MTV wanted to make sure that they had spin-off potential? Reunion tour in 20 years? Back for the dark, gritty reboot in 2031?

I’d stick around for 2031 reboot of this show. Six seasons and countless screams and squeals later, Teen Wolf went out on a high note.

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