250 art styles come together to re-create a classic Sailor Moon episode

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Jul 22, 2014, 2:35 PM EDT

One of Sailor Moon's silliest adventures gets reanimated. And it's kind of great.

Some people say the English dub of the '90s Sailor Moon cartoon is one of the worst translations of any anime ever. They are probably right. But more often than not, the voice actors managed to land themselves in "so bad they're good" territory. And that is why, despite protestations to the contrary, many fans, deep down, actually love the '90s cartoon. They love the badness. They love whiny Usagi Serena, they love Jersey girl Molly, they love how so many of the dudes have thick Canadian accents. It's just too deliciously out-of-step not to love.

So we're glad that Moon Animate Make-Up, a project that was originally started last year, took the dub from one of the silliest episodes the show ever had, Fractious Friends, and had more than 250 animators add their own signature styles to re-create the episode in a way that is beautiful, bizarre and hilarious. It took 10 months to get it done, but we think the results are well worth it.

There are a few animations in there I actually prefer to the new Sailor Moon Crystal animation style. But most of them are so ill-fitted to the concept that they're just perfect for that awful, cringeworthy dub. Well done, Moonies.

(via Kotaku)