26 exciting new Doctor Who pics (+ 2 videos) tease 1st episode and more

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:33 AM EDT (Updated)

Boy, do we have loads of new Doctor Who stuff to show you guys today! Saying "Geronimo!" doesn’t even cover the coolness of it all.

First, the BBC has released some brand-new pictures from its upcoming seventh episode of series seven (but the first one from season seven, part two), titled “The Bells of St-John.”

We also have a clip of said episode, giving us a rather exciting look at the episode where the Doctor and Clara find themselves on that doomed plane. We can almost hear: "The plane boss, the plane!"

However, we get Matt Smith’s fine delivery of "I'm the Doctor, I'm an alien from outer space. I'm 1,000 years old, I've got two hearts, and I can't fly a plane! Can you?!"

Have a look:

There’s also a brand-new spiffy trailer we haven’t shown you guys yet, and it’s the BBC America one. It’s quite different from the one we’ve shown you over the weekend but is just as exciting.

Then we also have four new Doctor Who posters that ooze coolness (“The Rings of Akhaten” one definitely has that cool Indiana Jones poster vibe) and they reveal the titles of the first four episodes (even though we already knew the first one).

You can view them all in our gallery below.

Doctor Who returns on March 30. Are you guys ready?

(via Crave Online, Blogtor Who, Doctor Who TV and BBC Doctor Who)

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