26 scenes from sci-fi series that caused viewers to give up on the show

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Sep 27, 2013

We all know the feeling: You're watching a show, you're committed to it, and then there's that one scene that makes you change the channel and never watch again.

No TV show is for everyone, but sometimes even the most popular, acclaimed series can run off the rails in ways that make loyal viewers bolt. Sometimes it's a major character death. Sometimes it's a big plot twist that defies all logic. Sometimes it's just an annoying new plotline that we'd rather not follow. Whatever the case, it can happen to the best of shows, and to the most dedicated of fans.

The phenomenon of abandoning shows after one particular scene or plot development killed the series for you was the subject of a recent enthusiastic thread on Reddit, and not surprisingly, numerous genre shows were part of the discussion. We browsed through and found some of the best comments on what developments killed everything from Lost to Futurama for various Redditors, and we're betting you can relate to quite a few them. Check out the gallery below, but obviously beware that it's full of SPOILERS.

Have you ever given up on a genre show because of a particular plot development? Let us know what your TV breaking point was.


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