27 classic Steve Ditko comic book covers

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:17 AM EDT (Updated)

The comics world lost one of its most prolific and influential creators on June 29, as Will Eisner Hall of Famer Steve Ditko passed away at 90 after being discovered unresponsive in his Manhattan apartment.

The Pennsylvania-born artist and writer helped forge the Marvel Universe in myriad ways, most notably by co-creating the web-spinning wonder Spider-Man and the Master of the Mystic Arts Doctor Strange with Marvel ringmaster Stan Lee.

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While the tributes, condolences, and remembrances for Ditko pour in from around the globe this weekend and beyond, it's somewhat comforting to recall that although he's left the bonds of this realm, his creative spirit and abundance of contributions to the art form will be with us forever.

This reclusive talent's astounding body of work spans nearly every genre in comics, and on this somber Saturday, it's fitting to rejoice in some of his most compelling cover compositions in titles ranging from Captain Atom, Blue Beetle, and The Many Ghosts of Doctor Graves to Beware the Creeper, Amazing Spider-Man, and The Micronauts.

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With his birth year being 1927, we chose 27 of the enigmatic artist's most intriguing covers spanning 45 years from not only his significant work for Marvel, but also pencils for DC, Charlton, Dell, and Ray Zone.

Honor the foundational artistry of one of comics' true legends in our vivid tribute gallery below and tell us which Ditko covers you love best.