27 dice-shaming photos sure to have gamers laughing (or crying)

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Aug 26, 2014, 12:22 PM EDT

One of the most interesting aspects of tabletop gaming is the random element of chance: No matter how prepared your party is, no matter how many spells or saves you have, no matter how solid your tactics or strategy, you can lose everything on an unlucky throw of the dice. And it seems that some dice are unluckier than others.

Players of dice-based games like D&D have noticed that rolls frequently fail to help. Not only that, some dice have actually gone on a rampage, killing you and important members of your party. Some of these players have 

posted their accusations on Tumblr.

We've posted about dice shaming before, and since then, it seems that more people have leapt to point fingers at their dice. We've culled some of the best for you, so you can either commiserate or revel in schadenfreude.

And if your dice really hate you, you can shame them with your own post.

Note: The funniest situations stem from the cruel imaginations of the dungeon/game masters. Our hats are off to them.