27 great sci-fi flicks you can watch right now on Amazon Prime

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:29 AM EDT (Updated)

It seems like being a sci-fi fan just gets more and more convenient these days. So if you happen to be a member of Amazon Prime, what could you kick back and watch right now?

Amazon’s streaming service is ramping up the fight with Netflix, and in addition to a solid offering of sci-fi TV series, Prime membership also includes a decent selection of sci-fi flicks to keep you entertained. From modern hits to a few tried-and-true sci-fi and horror classics, there should be enough at least to get you started.

Of course, Netflix has a boatload of good stuff to watch, too — but Amazon Prime is playing the David in this Goliath-sized battle of streaming services.

So get your viewing list ready and start adding these goodies: