28 bootyful things you likely didn't know about the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise

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May 27, 2017, 10:08 PM EDT (Updated)

Though the waters haven't always been calm, the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has remained steadily afloat since 2003, when Jack Sparrow and company first set sail in The Curse of the Black Pearl. A few billion dollars and a boatload of lore later, we're getting ready for the fifth installment, Dead Men Tell No Tales, opening wide this Friday, May 26. Well, what better way to get ready for such a swashbuckling good time than with 28 fun facts about the Pirates franchise?

As advertised, we're guessing you don't already know most of these facts, as we did our research hoping to stump you. But just think, with all the new knowledge you'll gain, you'll be a shoo-in to win your local Pirates trivia pub night. And you know what happens when you win one of those? Free rum!

So check out the trivia treasure trove below, mateys, and let us know which fact you find most fun.

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