28 great Star Wars video mashups

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Everything goes better with Star Wars. And when we say everything, we do mean everything. Scarface. Star Trek. The Departed. Even Benny Hill.

There are hundreds (if not thousands or even hundreds of thousands) of mashups online. So this is by no means an encyclopedic list, but regardless, the videos below are some of our favorites. They're all entertaining, putting a fun spin on the Star Wars saga ... something George Lucas should consider if he ever decides to film Episodes VII, VIII and IX.

Warning: Some of the videos below contain adult language and should be categorized as NSFW. Readers with sensitive ears might be better served by finding something else on which to click.


Star Wars / The Dukes of Hazzard

Them good ol' boys (from a galaxy far, far away) always getting in trouble with the law since the day they were born. (via Rnk007)

Star Wars / Rush Hour

Lando gets some bumpin' tunes in the Millennium Falcon. Though, with Chris Tucker at the helm, I think the Falcon's initials (MF) might meant something entirely different. (via MovieMashUpCinema)

Star Wars / Scarface

How many times did we hear Leia refer to Han as a "scoundrel?" Well, Han (with a little bit of Indiana Jones thrown in) as Tony Montana redefines the word. (via Devodana71)

Star Wars / Star Trek

Star Trek's (2009) trailer audio over Star Wars video. Almost makes you wish J.J. Abrams had been brought on to assist with the prequels. (via Sopmylo)

Star Wars / The Departed

Intrigue and suspicion never played heavy in the Star Wars films. But when seen through Martin Scorsese's eyes ... it's a whole new ballgame. (via withonea)

Star Wars / Brokeback Mountain

The true nature of C-3PO and R2-D2's relationship is finally revealed. (via SLC17)

Star Wars / 300

Jedi as Spartans: How much ass-kicking could one film possibly have? (Is Ewan McGregor concealing washboard abs under those robes?) (via AAADigital)

Star Wars / The Dark Knight

Putting Heath Ledger's off-balanced, looney voice to Darth Vader gives a new angle on the man in black. (via mrred)

Star Wars / Pulp Fiction

"We should have shotguns for this kind of deal." Jedi with shotguns? Probably redundant, but it's a wicked-cool visual. (via waynesmalereturns)

Star Wars / 1960s Batman

Pretty much what you'd expect and yet still a delight to watch. BAM! POW! WHACK! (via capemayboy)

Star Wars / Clerks

Evidently, young Padmé got around a little bit more than the prequels had orginally let on. (via MovieMashUpCinema)

Star Wars / Leeroy Jenkins

Leeroy Jenkins (as played by Han Solo) screws it up for everyone ... again. (via mpela17)

Star Wars / Field of Dreams (and other James Earl Jones movies)

I like this Darth Vader. He cuts right to the point: "Who the hell are you?" (via BolaCereal)

Star Wars / Reservoir Dogs

It only makes sense that Anakin would be Mr. Pink. And that he'd whine about it. (via mholmes30)

Star Wars / Phantom of the Opera

Andrew Lloyd Webber getting his space-opera on! Am I the only one who thinks this should made? (via mcflea1)

Star Wars / Benny Hill

A good way to get your entertainment dollar's worth out of Episode I. The only thing missing is scantily clad women. Let the hijinks ensue! (via Jprimus)

Star Wars / Magnum P.I.

Call me crazy, but I'd rather have a Ferrari 308 GTS than a beat-up landspeeder. (via TheCBVee)

Star Wars / The Dambusters

Nothing funny here. It's just amazing how well the audio from A New Hope syncs up. I mean, really amazing. (via HenryvKeiper)

Star Wars / Macgyver

The thing that gets me about this one: "In stereo where available." (via kalleanka71)

Star Wars / Sin City

I love John Williams' scoring as much as the next guy, but the buildup of the background song here is spot-on. (via actorwriterdca)

Star Wars / Apple's Think Different ad

A nice tribute to Star Wars itself, as well as the guys who brought it to life ... all via an Apple advertisement from 1997. (via RustyMuffler)

Star Wars / Armageddon

Ben Affleck and Chewbacca share a love that dare not speak its name. (via SeMaJ313)

Star Wars / Die Hard

Admiral Ackbar as Deputy Police Chief Dwayne T. Robinson is a stroke of genius. Of course, he probably should have known that it'd be a trap. (via waynesmalereturns)

Star Wars / Snatch

Darth Vader using coarse language from Snatch is fantastic. Your mileage may vary on whether or not the joke wears thin over 8 minutes and 35 seconds. (via BrickVada)

Star Wars / silent-film era

Made, presumably, before Lucasfilm got its act together to make a talkie. (via neonstz)

Star Wars / The A-Team

Let's see ... Luke as Hannibal, Han as Faceman, Chewie as BA ... does that leave Leia to be Howling Mad Murdock? (via AluchePower)

Star Wars / Dolemite

With Yoda as the lead, it can't really be considered a blaxploitation film. Greensploitation? Maybe Kermit could star in the sequel. (via mholmes30)

Star Wars / Cheech & Chong

That's a bad trip right there. (via MovieMashUpCinema)

Did we miss one of your favorites? If so, let us know!

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