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29 of 2013's biggest sci-fi movie winners and losers

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Dec 31, 2013, 8:53 AM EST

It was a very busy year for genre cinema, but not everyone had a good 2013. 

You can measure the success of a film in many ways. "How much money did it make?" seems to be the question that most people are interested in, but you can also ask how it fared with critics or with audiences (a lot of people can see a film, but that doesn't mean most of them liked it). You can ask how well it stayed true to the source material it's based on. You can ask how many awards it's been nominated for, or how many awards it won. You can ask what the devoted fanbase of the franchise at hand thought. You can ask all of that, and everyone will still come away with completely opposing opinions.

So, keeping that in mind, we didn't make a list of "bests" and "worsts," or even a list of "hits" and "misses." We made a list of winners and losers, trying to weigh as many of those above questions as possible. In the gallery below you'll see winning films that sometimes didn't make as much money as they could have, but succeeded for other reasons. You'll see films that critics hated that managed to be box office smashes anyway. You'll also see the opposite, films that made a whole heap of money but pissed off the fanbase in the process. You'll also see a bit of looking to the future in terms of how some of these films affect not just the landscape of movies as a whole, but also their inevitable sequels. 

Check out the gallery below, and let us know what you think the biggest genre flick winners and losers of the year were.