2 cool new clips tease epic Doctor Who dinosaurs and spaceship ep

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Dec 17, 2012

We can't wait for the upcoming Doctor Who episode "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship"—and neither can our good Doctor (Matt Smith), from the looks of the trailer we've seen. Still, the BBC has decided to whet our appetites a tad further by releasing two cool clips of the Doctor and the two new companions who'll join him in this new thrilling adventure.

In the first clip, we're in Egypt and it's 1334 B.C. Our favorite Mad Man in the Big Blue Box has made quite an impression on Queen Nefertiti (well, when doesn't he make an impression on women? Let's see, we have Queen Elizabeth and Marylin Monroe, just to name a few. And it's always ALL about the hair, isn't it? The Doctor's got GREAT hair, remember? But we digress), and so the powerful and beautiful Queen of Egypt (Riann Steele) decides she's not about to let him go ...

In the second clip, the Doctor finds himself on the African plains in 1902, and it's one space-time adventurer meeting another, er, earthbound one. Basically it's the Doctor meets Allan Quatermain Riddell (Sherlock's Rupert Graves).

Have a look at what exactly happens with the Doctor when he meets up with these two very interesting characters:

Doctor Who's "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship" airs this Saturday on BBC One, BBC America and SPACE.

What did you think of the clips? Do you think Queen Nefertiti and Riddell will make for interesting temporary companions?

(via BBC Doctor Who and Doctor Who TV)

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