2 dramatic new Thor posters want us to remember Iron Man

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Dec 14, 2012

We've got about two months before we get a chance to see Thor in theaters, and Marvel wants to make sure we're counting the days. And just in case we're sitting on the fence about the Thunder God, they're careful to remind us of a certain other Marvel hero.

Two new posters debuted over at IGN, one of Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Hopkins, Natalie Portman and Idris Elba, the other of Hemsworth all by his lonesome.

Click below to see them full size.

Two things strike us.

First—What? No Loki? We'd have thought that Thor's nemesis would have appeared on the far end of the poster rather than Elba's Heimdall, and can only assume Marvel is saving Thor's Big Bad for a future, even more dramatic poster.

And second—just in case you're one of those who may never have heard of this hero before and aren't in the mood to see a movie about a long-haired dude swinging a hammer, Marvel wants to remind you that Thor is from the same people who brought you Iron Man, a film they're sure you liked.

But with or without Iron Man's halo effect, when Thor opens, we're so there. How about you?

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