2 never-before-seen pics of Green Lantern's homeworld

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Michael Marano
Dec 14, 2012

In brightest day and in darkest night, there's some pretty awesome design work that's come into our sight—because on a recent visit to the New Orleans set of the upcoming Green Lantern movie, up next from Casino Royale director Martin Campbell, we were given a look at the design work of the planet Oa, the base of the interstellar police force known as the Green Lantern Corps.

As most every comic book geek knows, human test pilot Hal Jordan gets recruited by Oa-based Guardians of the Universe to be Green Lantern of Sector 2814, the patch of the Universe that includes Earth.

Lord of the Rings and Whale Rider production designer Grant Major, who has created some real-life monumental structures in the form of New Zealand Pavilions at the World Expos in Australia and Spain, told us about the process by which Oa was designed for the movie, including the images seen here of a panoramic view of the main city of Oa, which is occupied by the Guardians and the graveyard where fallen Green Lanterns are laid to rest with honor.

"Oa, of course, is at the center of the Universe, and is also an extremely old place. It's been around since not too long after the Big Bang, I assume. And with its function as a sort of U.N.-cum-military-compound in the middle of space, you'd imagine that with 3,600 different sectors, it must have a lot of influence on a lot of different cultures and time. So what I've tried to do is to introduce a plethora of different types of architectural styles and a feeling that, over the millennia, that it's just been building on and building on [itself], and there's just this huge history of culture that's been there."

"I looked to the comics, of course [for design concepts for Oa]. I also wanted to give it a sort of broader aspect. I really wanted to make it the sort of place where, just from the glimpse that we have of it, that you'd really want to go back there and have a really big look around, and in the interest of the film, maybe give birth to subsequent films."

So, what do you think? Do these glimpses of Oa stoke you for not just the upcoming film, but maybe a few after that?

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