2 new Doctor Who clips tease the true identity of River Song

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Dec 14, 2012

Ever since the Doctor Who episode "The Silence in the Library," when River Song, played by the fabulous Alex Kingston, first appeared, we've wondered—"Who the hell is she?" After three years—and a change of Doctors—it seems we're about to find out.

According to these two behind-the-scenes clips of the upcoming Doctor Who episode "A Good Man Goes to War," the mystery that is Professor Song will no longer be a mystery.

And whatever it is, it oughta be good. In the second clip, Kingston said, "When Stephen Moffat first revealed to me the truth about River Song ..."

Wait. Why are we telling you this? Watch the clips for yourselves. And then tell us who YOU think River really is. (We're kinda hoping she's his wife ... and something more than that.)

(via SFX)

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