2 Resident Evil 5 trailers show how in-your-face that 3D will be

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Dec 17, 2012

Two new TV spots for Resident Evil Retribution have been released, and after introducing 3D into the last installment, it seems director Paul W.S. Anderson is going buck wild with the whiz-bang this time around.

The new trailers play up some of the story beats and show off some of the action in store for the fifth effort in the long-running videogame-based film franchise. Plus there's a whole lot of stuff flying at the screen.

As with the last few entries, this one looks like a wild sci-fi romp, though it seems to be playing up the Umbrella conspiracy angles more than the actual zombies, which I suppose is a pretty natural progression for the series.

A lot of familiar faces seem to be coming back around this time, though it seems "old friends" are "new enemies" for Alice (Milla Jovovich), so that should make for some fun in the post-apocalypse.

Check out the two new trailers below and let us know what you think:

Resident Evil Retribution opens Sept. 14.

(Via Giant Freakin Robot)

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