2nd NSFW Zombibi trailer: More gruesomely gut-wrenching zombie kills

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Dec 16, 2012

Last month we brought you a trailer for Zombibi, a Dutch zombie comedy that looks to be nothing less than truly insane. Now a second trailer for the flick is out, and it's packed with even more green-blooded, head-exploding awesomeness.

As we said last time, it's a simple premise. Four guys get in a fight and get thrown in the slammer. While they're cooling their heels in a cell, a meteor hits Amsterdam and somehow generates the zombie apocalypse. By the time they break out, they're ambushed by a snarling zombie granny on a scooter and rescued by a hot blond cop with a shotgun.

From there, the thing just looks like it spirals into a hilariously over-the-top mass of miniguns, exploding heads and fireballs. Oh, and lots and lots of green blood.

Zombibi is already out in Belgium and the Netherlands, and we're hoping it'll make its way across the Pond very soon. Check out the trailer now so you can spend the rest of your day daydreaming about killing zombies alongside hot blond cops with shotguns.

(via The Daily What Geek)

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