2nd season of American Horror Story will be NOTHING like the 1st

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Dec 16, 2012

Hope you enjoyed the just-finished first season of American Horror Story—because the show will look completely different when it comes back.

According to Collider, series co-creator Ryan Murphy and FX president and general manager John Landgraf revealed on a conference call this morning that every 12-episode season of the show going forward will feature a completely new, self-contained storyline, with all-new characters, a fresh setting, new monsters, a different overall theme and even a brand-new title sequence.

That means that the saga of the Harmon family ended on Wednesday night (don't worry—no spoilers here if you haven't seen it yet), although Murphy and Landgraf said it's possible that some of the actors from this cast could show up as different characters in future stories. But season two will not be set in the Harmons' haunted house and in fact will not even take place in Los Angeles.

The one constant will be that each season's plot will be an "American horror story," with its own definition of what that is. The show will also still utilize elements of true crime stories, as season one did with its references to the Black Dahlia and others.

Want to know what the theme of season two will be? Murphy said that hints about it appear in the last three episodes of the first season. Don't have them recorded anymore? No worries: A DVD box set of all 12 episodes will head your way soon.

Murphy said to look for announcements about the cast, theme and setting for season two sometime around February, with the show tentatively scheduled to kick off in late September and run until just before Christmas again.

Would you like to see American Horror Story continue with the same cast, location and plot, or is a whole new storyline and all-new characters the way to keep the show fresh, interesting and unpredictable?

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