3 awesome Star Wars posters reimagine 1st trilogy as spaghetti westerns

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Dec 17, 2012

Cue the buzzing flies, dust storms and staring contests. Check out this raw reimagining of George Lucas' first three Star Wars flicks as seen through the dusty lens of Italian director Sergio Leone. You'll be whistling Morricone's theme all day long.

Artist Tim Anderson created these slick prints as an ode to his favorite movie threesomes. Anderson is the one who came up with the cool artwork revamping classic sci-fi films as '60s pulp novels. Each limited-edition Star Wars print is produced on high-quality luster paper. They can be bought individually or as a set at his site.

The Star Wars galaxy actually shares more than a few genes with the Eastwood-starring, Italian-backed westerns of the '60s, with their unpolished "lived-in" worlds, morally bankrupt drifters and pistol-packin' action.

Here, in all their folded, faded glory, come the original three Guerre Stellari films dressed down as a sweaty, gritty space trilogy shot on the cheap in Spain and badly dubbed. Both Leone and Lucas demonstrated a healthy love for the samurai films of Akira Kurosawa, with Leone patterning his first film, A Fistful of Dollars, after Yojimbo and Lucas being inspired by The Hidden Fortress while outlining the screenplay for Star Wars.

So raise a glass of vino and a flyswatter to salute this awesome mashup marrying two legendary franchises ...

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