3 former Doctors spotted protesting Who's 50th: Is it real or a PR stunt?

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Sep 9, 2013

Some of the Doctors of yore have been spotted holding up signs outside the BBC, but what's it all about? 

So far as we know, the only actors who've played the part of the titular Doctor set to appear in the Doctor Who 50th-anniversary special are Matt Smith and David Tennant.

And John Hurt.

But, last we checked, no actors from the '70s or '80s will be taking part. So why did someone spot Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy hanging out near the Beeb's front stoop?

Well, if we accept the event on the face of it, they appeared to be protesting! The three actors all held signs up that read "No Classics? No 50th!" "and "Have a heart, Classic Doctors want a part!”

Ah, but isn't this a tad fishy -- well-known British actors lurking around the BBC with cutesy signs. Surely if we looked around we might spot some cameras. Especially since Davison is actually wearing part of his original costume. It's just not terribly ... in character of these actors.

Our guess is that Mad Moffat has struck again, this time crafting a not-so-subtle joke at hardcore fans' expenses.

We hope it was filmed. It would make a rather funny DVD extra (or perhaps even an introduction) to the episode proper. In any event, our only criticism thus far is that it doesn't seem as though Colin Baker had a sign that read "Doctor in Distress."

(via Doctor Who TV)

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