3 new clips break down Tom Cruise's awesome exo-suit from Edge of Tomorrow

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May 20, 2014, 12:16 PM EDT (Updated)

With experts projecting Tom Cruise’s upcoming sci-fi epic Edge of Tomorrow to be the first big flop of the summer, the studio is dropping some great new footage to try and get us excited about the future-set action flick.

The three clips dig into the Groundhog Day-style pitch, framed around a human-vs.-alien war that we lose — until Tom Cruise’s soldier gets an unlimited number of resets to try and save the world. It’s a neat concept, and all the trailers up until this point really do look fantastic.

As for the three new featurettes, they look at different areas of the film, with the most interesting focusing on that badass exo-battle suit that Cruise is sporting in many of the posters and clips. Apparently the rig was mostly real, and not just done in post with CGI. Groovy.

The other clips focus on Cruise’s role in the project’s development, and the general plot line to better explain the concept. Good move, and here’s hoping this big ol’ sci-fi flick can find an audience ... assuming it doesn’t suck, of course.

Edge of Tomorrow opens June 6, 2014.

(Via SFX)

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