30 Halloween finds from Etsy, ranked from fun to frightening

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Halloween is a time for a fascinating variety of fun and frights. The talented artisans found on Etsy -- the internet's expansive clearinghouse of handcrafted goods -- recognize this, and they're ready to serve you a healthy dose of both. I found 30 intriguing items on Etsy that will seriously spice up your annual holiday party and/or costume, ranking them in order of their fear factor. While the first half of these costumes and home decorations leans more toward the sweetly spooky, the second half is genuinely unsettling. You've been warned. Shop if you dare.

Note: Order now to avoid the Halloween rush! 

Glow-in-the-dark dog collar. The perfect holiday present for your dog or your very best submissive.

This headband is the zombie equivalent of cleavage, you zombie tease.

This is, without a doubt, one of the coolest wedding cake toppers I’ve ever seen. Honey, time for a Halloween renewal of vows.

Another awesome Halloween wedding cake topper. Or for those of us who think Halloween is a romantic holiday. (It is.)

Say “nevermore” to painting your walls? These wall decals peel off and are even reusable. 

This Etsy seller lets you customize the color and flavor of your skulls. Black pina colada, anyone?

Give your pumpkin carving extra bite with these pumpkin teeth. Pumpkin carving skills required.

Anyone can make a pumpkin or ghost cookie. Only this Etsy-er is baking Nosferatu cookies.

Wear something revealing this Halloween. Very revealing.

Looks witchy, smells wonderfully. You can even choose from a menu of scents.

Some wounds are not visible. These sure are.

This necklace is like a hug for your neck.

Give your room a mad scientist vibe with this Frankenstein light switch.

Halloween would like you to know that wreaths aren’t just for Christmas. 

Wash the dirt of the grave off of you with this halloween soap.

Spilling the blood of the innocent sometimes means getting your fingernails dirty.

Dress as a Mad Max blood bag. Win first prize at a costume contest judged by Immortan Joe.

The pillow knows. It KNOWS.

Perfect mask for Halloween and/or your next zombie walk.

Keep your valuables in this chest. Even the most determined thief will have trouble opening it.

This skull candle starts off creepy—and ends even more creepy.

Clowns are scary. Killer clowns doubly so.

Pretend to fight with your buddy and rip out this fake kidney. Your friends will die laughing. That, or call the cops.

What’s written in this tome of torture? I genuinely don’t want to know.

This is what happens when zombies acquire the power...of SCIENCE!

Only wear this mask if you plan on remaining single.

Unsettling corpse cat is unsettling.

Oh gods, how did this Etsy-er get the teeth for this mask?!

This headless costume will frighten your family but impress hard-core horror friends.

It’s called a “lifesize torture torso.” I’m very happy that this Etsy-er is channeling their dark impulses into their art. And not their reality.

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