30 sci-fi, fantasy and horror series you WON'T be seeing this fall

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Dec 14, 2012

We've been hearing a lot the last couple of days about the pilots the networks have picked up, but except for a few high-profile possibilities like Wonder Woman, not so much about those they didn't. But there were plenty more series passed over than that!

According to New York magazine, the networks were pitched thousands of series for the latest season, and bought scripts for 429 of them. Of those, we've culled the 30 that seem as if they would have contained sci-fi, fantasy and horror elements.

Check them out and let us know whether you think the big TV brains made a mistake and they should have picked up one of these rather than Grimm or Once Upon a Time.


Human Alien being occupies a person's body.

Ghostworld Couple can see future and supernatural worlds.

Inhuman Great criminals have been psychologically cloned; investigators must find them.


Untitled Larry Kaplow Project Time travel.

Untitled Matthew Federman & Stephen Scaia Project Time travel.

Untitled Kam Miller Project Based on Charlaine Harris' Harper Connelly mysteries, in which Harper speaks to the dead.

Untitled Susannah Grant Project Surgeon takes instruction from his dead ex-wife; Jonathan Demme directs.


Untitled Kevin Cecil & Andy Riley Project Fifties family travels to present day.

Fail Siblings are beaten down by life as their father narrates from beyond the grave.

Magical Law Legal-supernatural procedural.

Untitled Rick Eid Project Ambitious D.A. is aided by a ghost.

Black Chapter CIA unit uses paranormal means.

Untitled David Hubbard Project Prosecutor finds herself caught between two realities.

Smokers Alien exterminators in space.


Untitled Mo Mandel Project Meteor is headed for Earth.

Emerald City Group of New York twentysomethings, each a character from The Wizard of Oz.

Wonder Woman David E. Kelley's reboot.

SFX Special-effects house works with the CIA to solve crimes.

Untitled Bryan Fuller Project Modern-day version of The Munsters.

Untitled Michael Green Project Cops use artificial intelligence.

Mission to Mars NASA-like agency plans the trip.

Untitled Mark Frost Project Cop with artificial intelligence.

Ritual Crime Unit Paranormal-crime investigators.

S.A.N.D. Men Inception-like show about dreams.

Vines Horror show set at a winery.

Nine Lives Supernatural thriller about people who've had near-death experiences.

The Dark Tower Based on Stephen King's novels. King executive-produces.

Echoes Young woman, when touching an object, experiences the thoughts of people who have touched it before.

Ghost Angeles Young L.A. woman realizes that she can talk to the dead.

Zombies vs. Vampires Humans, zombies, and vampires all co-exist.

So ... do any of these sound like something you would have watched? Did the networks make a mistake?

(via GalleyCat)

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