31 Days of Halloween: 20 ghoulish items you can find on Etsy

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For the last several years, Blastr has been covering the wonderfully weird Halloween paraphernalia you can buy on Etsy. And every year, we find some fascinating gore-filled items to wear, display or use to scare the hell out of your friends, neighbors and social worker. 

This year, we have 20 items that you may be able to purchase in time for your holiday party. I'm starting off slow, so the first few items may not necessarily scare you. But I assure you, these images get more stomach-churning as they go. You’ve been warned. Oh, and happy Halloween!

This photoshop job isn't particularly scary, but it’s an image that will give any Halloween party some much-needed gloom.

The cookie eyes are a little cartoonish, but those fingers are something special. Particularly if you’ve read Stephen King’s short story, "Survivor Type."

Show your Halloween Valentine that you love him/her/it/them/ohgods by giving your heart. Consider it a substitute...until yours becomes available. 

Eye see you! 

This Etsy seller casts a mold of your mouth to give you perfectly fitted vampire fangs. Fun for Halloween. Fun for everyday use if you like being a vampire every day. 

Also known as “vampire tea,” this real tampon is coated in fake blood. What does it say about me that I find this hilarious?

You can wear Daryl’s necklace of ears from The Walking Dead episode “Chupacabra.” But even with this nifty necklace, you will  never be as cool as Norman Reedus.  

Creepy nails. Just the accessory to complete your zombie costume. Bonus: They look sharp enough to help defend yourself against a zombie incursion. 

This $3400 life-sized replica of Lon Chaney as The Mummy is worth the money if you like Chaney, mummies, and/or wacky Scooby-doo hijinks.

Zombies may want your brains, but they don’t care if your intestines get in their way. That’s because zombies are messy eaters. 

A Hand of Glory is the mummified hand of a hanged man. The fat in the hand is rendered to make a candle, which then makes anyone who comes near it motionless. That’s how it’s told in folklore, anyway. 

Fans of creepy Halloween masks will be too busy scaring the neighbor’s kids to tell them this mask is of the Nemesis from Resident Evil

This face prosthetic will have your friends either dialing an ambulance or running for their lives. Their reactions are great test to see which ones you would want with you during a zombie incursion. 

Not even teddy bears are safe during the zombie apocalypse. 

Here, zombie zombie zombie. Zombie want a treat

What started out as a typical garden gnome was “reborn” as this horror. Oh gods, her face! It’s eating her face!

This skull isn't the kind of prop you’d want at a Halloween party where food is being served.

This other skull is what people who are more creative than me--and have a higher disgust threshold--can make with plastic, acrylic stain, acrylic paint, and varnish. 

This is absolutely the bottle you would use to serve a cthonic hell-brew. But if your friends are squeamish, you can fill it with the “good stuff,” sure in the knowledge they would never touch it. 

People run from the Texas Chainsaw Massacrer. I would run from Etsy seller who made this skinned human face.

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