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31 Days of Halloween: The 30 Best Characters from American Horror Story, ranked

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Oct 27, 2015, 2:42 PM EDT

Anthology television is changing the way television is made, and Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk's FX series, American Horror Story, was instrumental in bringing this format to the forefront, boosted by extraordinary performances by series regulars Jessica Lange, Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson and Lily Rabe. Each season is a macabre mixtape of sexually charged, violent and provocative storytelling, with homages to classic horror films like Tod Browning's Freaks, Rosemary's Baby, The Shining and countless book, music and other pop-culture references. Each season has its own unique qualities and memorable characters. The new season, Hotel, is no different and further connects the material together by building on rules established in previous seasons.

It's also altering how actors are choosing roles. Now they can play different parts season to season, and can come and go year to year. There's no danger in being typecast, and in most cases, if actors come back in consecutive seasons, they play a character that was the complete opposite of their last role. That renewed energy is shown by the returning cast members, and in five seasons we've been treated to some characters who will stick with fans for a long time.

Now, what qualifies an AHS character to make our list? I’ve broken down the characters who've made the most impact by a few classifications, like antagonists, the bizarre, psychopaths, prisoners, cool kids, antiheroes and villains, among others. Some characters are just cool, some are unique, and others continue to haunt us when we sleep. I made note of their standout moments, then took each story arc into consideration along with the individual's scare or creep factor. The display of supernatural ability or tale of survival is weighed in and, because it’s a Murphy/Falchuk show, there has to be a measure of b***hiness with a diva scale.

Remember, this isn't a measure of the seasons, just the characters. Some of the characters from Hotel have already made it in, but after it's done we'll see where others like the Contessa (Lady Gaga), Miss Evers (Mare Winningham) and Donovan (Matt Bomer) stack up. 

As a warning, there will be numerous spoilers for those not caught up on American Horror Story.

AHS Liz Taylor

30: Liz Taylor - Season 5 Hotel

Played by: Denis O’Hare

Classifications: Cool Kid, Diva

Best Line (so far): “Just teaching the folks from Vogue how to vogue. I couldn’t resist.”

Best Moment (so far): Telling Donovan that as horrible as his mother is, no one will love him more.

Story:  Not much has been shared about Liz’s story yet, but we do know he’s a drag queen that’s been with the Hotel Cortez since at least 1994 and working as the bartender in the Blue Parrot Lounge. It’s only a matter of time until we learn more and why he's stayed for so long. – 0

Creepiness: Is it creepy that Denis O’Hare actually reminds us of Liz Taylor and all of her movie roles? – 1

Survivor / Supernatural Scale: We don’t know if Liz has any extraordinary abilities or is a ghost. He hasn't left the Cortez and barely leaves the lobby or the bar. He doesn’t look like he’s aged since the '90s, but we will find out soon enough.  – 0

Diva Scale: With just three episodes done, we’ve had a taste of the kind of gossip Liz knows about and he’s not into hearing pity parties at his bar. When you watch enough Ryan Murphy shows, you get a feeling when the characters are going to be good and Liz has that quality around him. I may be jumping the gun, but I'm betting the best of Liz is yet to come. – 6

Overall Score: 7


ahs billie dean

29: Billie Dean Howard – Season 1 Murder House

Played by: Sarah Paulson

Classifications: Medium, Cool Kid

Best Line: “The dead can hold a grudge better than most Scorpios.”

Best Moment: When she connects Constance to Addy after her death; Constance shares how she truly felt about Addy, and in turn, Addy forgives Constance, but wishes she told her that when she was alive.

Story: Billie Dean is one of the earlier characters to clue in the audience directly as to what they were seeing in terms of ghosts and other worldly creatures. Constance found the medium with Lee Press-On Nails, who is in the process of getting a television deal, on Craigslist. – 3

Creepiness: Billie's not creepy or scary in any way, but she’s essential in understanding how the Ryan Murphy AHS universe works early on. One must be open to other astral planes and the supernatural. Billie Dean is the first character to spell it out, even to other characters. – 1

Survivor / Supernatural Scale: Billie Dean communicates with Violet telepathically when she knows she’s dead, and is able to sense the variety of evil energy that flows through the house. Then has a notable confrontation with Tate when he appears after Billie Dean lists all of negative forces that have doomed the house. 6

Diva Scale: Billie Dean doesn’t have a mean bone her body, but she isn’t completely legitimate, as some of her knowledge is nonsense, as rvidenced by the failure of the Croatoan spell. – 0

Overall Score: 10


ahs marcy

28: Marcy the real estate agent – Season 1 Murder House / Season 5 Hotel

Played by: Christine Estabrook

Classifications: Diva

Best Line: “There are a lot of minority men in this city who would like nothing more than to ravage me on this countertop”

Best Moment: Telling the Harmons if they want to sell the house, they need “flutters” to make it sellable. 

Story: Marcy is the sad and ruthless, gun-in-purse agent who works for L.A. Homes Realty and has to repeatedly try to sell a home that’s dubbed the Murder House. She lies and hides much of the house’s morbid past and is able to sell it to three different owners: Patrick and Chad Warwick, and the Harmon and Ramos families. In Hotel, she is the real estate agent who transfers ownership of the Hotel Cortez from the Countess Elizabeth to Will Drake. – 2

Creepiness: There’s nothing really creepy about Marcy outside of her shady methods, but she does take in the Harmons’ dog Hallie, only having to put her down by the time Hotel starts. One wonders how well she really cared for the dog. – 1  

Survivor / Supernatural Scale: It’s amazing Marcy survived the real estate crash a few years back and is still in the business. She is also not dead or supernatural in any way but she does show up in Hotel, which further connects the AHS universe. – 1

Diva Scale: If you had to find new ways to sell the most depressing house in Los Angeles, you’d be a miserable mood, too. – 7

Overall Score: 11


ahs spalding

27: Spalding - Season 3 Coven

Played by: Denis O’Hare

Classifications: Bizarre, Prisoner

Best Line: “Miss Fiona, I have always loved you.”

Best Moment: Who doesn’t love a tea party with dolls?

Story: As the only person to witness how Fiona truly became the Supreme, Spalding is an important, but silent, character. He wasn’t always mute - in fact, Myrtle enchanted his tongue so he must always tell the truth. But before he was to speak in front of the Council, he cut his tongue off so he’d never have to reveal the truth and get Fiona in trouble. He serves Fiona, even when she's out of town, but appears fine being attached to the Supreme as long as he gets to play with his dolls.– 2

Creepiness: There could be an entire season just on whatever the hell it is that Spalding does in his room. It’s not natural to collect dolls, but to add Madison Montgomery’s corpse to his collection and keep her in a trunk made viewers cringe at the thought of what he did with it. – 10

Survivor / Supernatural Scale: Spalding wasn’t supernatural at all, he just looked like a walking corpse. He understood how ghosts worked in this world as he was friendly to the Axeman for years. – 1 

Diva Scale: Spalding’s loyalty to Fiona was commendable, but he’s polite even when he’s insulted by Fiona and Madison. – 0 

Overall Score: 13


ahs anne frank

26: Charlotte Brown AKA Anne Frank - Season 2 Asylum

Played by: Franka Potente

Classifications: Anti-Hero, Cool Kid

Best Line: “Don’t you remember me, Doctor? I am Anne. Anne Frank!”

Best Moment: Planting the seed in the audience’s mind that Dr. Arden was a Nazi during World War II. 

Story: A woman claims to be Anne Frank and to have been in the concentration camps that Dr. Arden worked at when he was a Nazi. She looks the part and is knowledgeable about the Holocaust, but she also has a family that claims she's named Charlotte Brown and that she’s a delusional woman obsessed with the Holocaust. – 7

Creepiness: Whenever someone starts pointing their finger and yelling “Nazi!” you’re going to draw the wrong kind of attention. – 2

Survivor / Supernatural Scale: – In the end, her suspicions were correct; she also had a picture in her possession of Hitler with a man next to him showing a young Arden. So, one could believe she was someone who might have survived the camps, even if she’s not the actual Anne Frank. – 6

Diva Scale: Anne/Charlotte was focused on one thing, so she didn’t have a lot of interaction with other characters. She came in, wagged her finger, and Arden drove a spike in her skull to silence her. Given her suspicions about Arden were right, who are we to call her out? – 0

Overall Score: 15


ahs pepper

25: Pepper - Season 2 Asylum and Season 4 Freakshow

Played by: Naomi Grossman

Classifications: Freak, Cool Kid

Best Line: “He took one look at the shape of my head and I was locked up for good. That’s how it works with us freaks. We get blamed for everything…”

Best Moment: Being abducted by aliens and coming back with genius intelligence.

Story: Originally a clown act with her former husband, Salty, until he passed away, Pepper was transferred to the care of her sister, Rita Gayheart, who mistreated her and sent off to Briarcliff after she framed Pepper for the murder of her unwanted deformed child. Elsa told Pepper’s history, as well as Ma Petite’s who became Pepper’s surrogate daughter. She lost everyone she loved and that she ended up unwanted, and in a hateful home, then ultimately Briarcliff, was heartbreaking. –8

Creepiness: Despite her odd looks, Pepper was as warm and happy as a character can be on American Horror Story. – 0

Survivor / Supernatural Scale: She managed to make it out of the Freakshow alive, but goes to live with her sister by the end of Season 4. Briarcliff was no vacation, but is abducted by aliens and is placed back at the asylum to watch over Grace and her pregnancy any better? Though originally intended to be singular seasons with no relation to one another, the American Horror Story writers broke their rules with Pepper and have since changed their tune about it being one big universe. A long life wasn’t forecast for Pepper, but she led a full and loving life, and she loved it back. – 8

Diva Scale: Edward Mordrake stated it, himself: he has no problem with innocents. Watching fun and spirited characters like Pepper, stuck in these dark, hopeless worlds, is what makes AHS worth the journey.– 0

Overall Score: 16



24: Shachath, Angel of Death - Season 2 Asylum

Played by: Frances Conroy

Classifications: Angel of Death

Best Line: When she kisses Sr. Mary Eunice, who is possessed by the Devil, she says, “I’ll take you both.”

Best Moment: After hallucinating an attempted suicide, Shachath appears to Sister Jude prior to her stint at Briarcliff. In a diner, Sr. Jude admits to being a drunken whore and a murderer, but the angel tells her that God has a plan for her and it’s not her turn yet.

Story: Shachath appears as the grim reaper type, who kisses a person right before they die. As she dips down to complete the kiss of death, two large black wings unfold from her back as she takes the last breath of air from those that call her. – 2

Creepiness: Quite contrary to being creepy, Shachath is one of the more beautiful interpretations of deathI 've seen. Although her appearance signals the death of a character, there is something quite comforting knowing that she is taking the character away for their final rest. Jessican Lange and Frances Conroy always have such interesting scenes together. In Season 1 they were at odds with each other; here, one nurtures and comforts the other. – 3

Survivor / Supernatural Scale: She comes to five people total during Season 2 and though there have been other characters like Shachath–like Edward Mordrake–I wish we’d see the angel of death more in other seasons. – 8

Diva Scale:Once Sister Jude is stripped of her authority and is committed to the asylum as Judy Martin, Shachath appears as a brash and crude new inmate who remains unnamed. Her voice is different, though, scratchy from cigarette smoking, and Judy then believes that, when she saw her the first time, she was a hallucination. – 5

Overall Score: 18


ahs queenie

23: Queenie - Season 3 Coven

Played by: Gabourey Sidibe

Classifications: Witch, Diva

Best Line: “Madison Montgomery is a stone-cold b***h, who loves hard drinking, big d***s and trouble. If she’s dead, it’s probably because she got wasted and offered the Grim Reaper a h****** or something.”

Best Moment: Trying to bridge the cultural gap with the head of Madame Delphine LaLaurie, Queen confines her to tabletop and forces her to watch Roots.

Story: All Queenie ever wanted was to feel a sense of belonging. A product of the foster care system, Queenie found herself at Miss Robichaux’s Academy for witches after she was let go from her job at a fast food restaurant. She wound up there after iinflicting pain on a customer who thought they could use her as a victim of a scam to get extra food. Cordelia Foxx rescued her, and later she was lured away by Marie Laveau, who wanted to become her mentor. She staves off an attack on Cornrow City when Hank tries to shoot it up and uses her power to transfer the result of a gunshot to her head onto him. – 4

Creepiness: Queenie was a kind and patient supporting character until Fiona plants the thought of being the next Supreme Witch, which drives her to a series of bad decisions. - 3

Survivor / Supernatural Scale: Using the powers of Voodoo, Queenie can turn her body into a human voodoo doll and commit self-inflicted acts of violence on her body and transfer the pain and wounds to someone else. Queenie is also a descendant of Tituba, an integral figure who started the Salem witch trials. – 8

Diva Scale:Madison Montgomery and Madame LaLaurie will get on anyone’s nerves so it’s no surprise each is able crawl under Queenie’s skin and spark some ill-advised act of retaliation.  – 4

Overall Score: 19


ahs misty day

22: Misty Day - Season 3 Coven

Played by: Lily Rabe

Classifications: Witch

Best Line: “Can I say something? I don’t want to be the Supreme.”

Best Moment: Fainting after meeting her witch hero, Stevie Nicks

Story: When the religious locals labeled her a necromancer and burned her at the stake, Misty Day managed to resurrect herself. Her apparent death invoked fear amongst the witch community that they’ll be hunted down again. This bohemian witch retreated to the swamps of the bayou, to meditate, heal animals and listen to Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac music until Madison and Zoe resurrect Kyle. She offers to heal Kyle with her concocted healing mud. She continues to bump into various members of Fiona’s coven, helping to bring a number of them back from the dead, including Myrtle Snow who eventually invites her to take the Seven Wonders test to see if she’s the next Supreme.  – 8

Creepiness: If there’s one thing that’s held against Misty, it’s her kindness, to any and all who would need her help. So, outside of whatever it is she puts in her bayou mud mix (apparently a lot of alligator dung) to help with her resurrections, Misty is one of the least creepy characters in AHS. –1

Survivor / Supernatural Scale: Misty was such a bad ass, that she was killed three times, resurrected three people and herself, healed Kyle, and brought back countless swamp animals. Her healing powers and mastering of resurgence made her a serious contender for Supreme but her lack of desire to actually be the top dog was a refreshing contrast to the witches' bickering. – 10

Diva Scale: Misty was the anti-b***h witch. Unlike the other witches who were looking for selfish gain, her open hearted concern for strangers made her endearing to viewers. While she didn’t end up the Supreme, she didn’t see a bad end and ultimately ended up in Cordelia's coven. – 0

Overall Score: 19


ahs moira young

21: Young and Old Moira O’Hara – Season 1 Murder House

Played by: Alexandra Breckinridge and Frances Conroy

Classifications: Anti-Hero, Prisoner, Ghost

Best Line: Vivien: “Don’t you ever get tired of cleaning up other people’s messes?” Old Moira: “We’re women, it’s what we do. I just get paid for it.”

Best Moment: Trying to seduce a potential buyer for the Murder House, Moira pleasures rental property mogul Joe Escandarian with the hopes he’ll gut the house and dig up the backyard (and move her remains to release her spirit) to put in a pool.

Story: Constance interrupted a short-lived affair between her husband and Moira, shooting them both in the master bedroom. She then buried the bodies in separate spots in the back yard. Unsettled ghosts can never leave their place of death, so the spirit of Moira continues to clean the Murder House for its subsequent owners. – 6

Creepiness: Moira in both forms is one of the few truly sympathetic characters in Season 1. There was nothing creepy about her, but her story was full of sadness, including leaving the house on Halloween (when spirits can roam freely) to visit her mother lying on her death bed. – 0

Survivor / Supernatural Scale: Moira was one of the best supernatural creatures of AHS; she would appear as an later-aged woman (Conroy) to fellow women, but men saw what they wanted to see in her, a young sexy object of desire in a French maid outfit (Breckenridge). It's a nod to the Shining, but is also still one of the most memorable characters in all of the seasons. – 10

Diva Scale:She goaded men to make bad decisions with her, but it was her verbal jousts with Constance that won her fans. – 4

Overall Score: 20


ahs madison

20: Madison Montgomery - Season 3 Coven

Played by: Emma Roberts

Classifications: Witch, Diva

Best Line: "Where are we going? It’s too hot, my friggin’ vagina’s sweating."

Best Moment: When Spalding pulls her out of his doll chest for the first time and accidentally breaks her arm off. Oops.

Story: Madison was the reckless Hollywood socialite that sought safe harbor at Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies. Her back story was nothing special - she had a mother who exploited her beauty and fame for riches and hard drugs - but the former actress got humbled at the coven, put in her place repeatedly by Fiona until Madison’s powers started to amplify and grow. – 2

Creepiness: Early on, Madison was a strong, one-note character, but when she sleeps with Kyle, who she earlier killed and re-animated for Zoe, things got a little strange. Then, they shared him, and that’s when things got awkward. Things really get horrifying after she dies the first time in the season and Spalding adds her stiff corpse to his doll collection. – 4

Survivor / Supernatural Scale: Without any real training, Madison was already discovering her growing power in telekinesis and pyrokinesis. She learned to cast spells and re-animation. The power within her was growing. Fiona saw her as a potential heir to the Supreme throne but also a threat. With the help of Misty Day, Montgomery came back to life but on her second brush with death, there was no one to help except Spalding. – 6

Diva Scale: As the Lindsay Lohan of the Coven, Madison always had to have the last word. She was rude, crude, and disrespectful, which is why there were probably more cheers than tears spilled when she died...both times. – 10

Overall Score: 22


ahs chad

19: Chad Warwick – Season 1 Murder House

Played by: Zach Quinto

Classifications: Prisoner, Diva, Ghost

Best Line: “The first impression that anyone is going to have before they experience my meticulously appointed candy station is of you going to the front door in that Rite Aid witch outfit. Ugh. But never fear, Count Chocula’s here to add some real class.”

Best Moment: Decorating the Murder House for Halloween and staging two skeletons sodomizing each other on the front lawn.

Story: Chad was one of the victims of Rubber Man but, more tragically was the prisoner of a loveless marriage. Like the Harmons, Chad’s love for Patrick was ruined by infidelity and in an attempt to spice their bedroom up with some kinky fetish gear, Chad mistakingly bought a rubber suit instead of leather. Tate’s ghost eventually got a hold of the suit and took out his rage on Chad and Patrick because they fought so much instead of harmoniously finding ways to get a child into the house, forever imprisoning them both in the Murder House. – 7

Creepiness: Chad wasn’t too scary until he revealed his plan to steal one of Vivien’s babies to Constance. He was especially strategic in wanting to wait until the baby was 18 months. old so that, when he killed the baby, it'd be forever cute.  – 6

Survivor / Supernatural Scale: – As one of the ghosts of the Murder House, Chad became one of the beloved characters but, mentally, he’s still stuck in his life in the living. He still believes the house is his and only when he schemes at taking Vivien’s children does he realize how to utilize his supernatural powers for personal gain. – 4

Diva Scale:Was Chad another crossed lover in a sad marriage or was he justified in his feelings and actions? Was he too overbearing? It’s hard to say since we are given both Chad and Patrick’s perspectives. Chad clearly wanted control of the relationship but probably didn’t deserve the betrayal, but he was warranted in being angry. – 6

Overall Score: 23


ahs charles montgomery

18: Dr. Charles Montgomery - Season 1 Murder House

Played by: Matt Ross

Classifications: Psychopath, Mad Doctor

Best Line: “I finally succeeded at something.”

Best Moment: Revealing the resurrection of his son as the infantata.

Story: Charles and his wife Nora were the original owners of the Murder House, where he was a surgeon to the stars. An addiction to ether and a failing practice soon led to the desperate turn of business of performing illegal abortions. One day, a boyfriend of one of his patients sought revenge for his work and stole the Montgomery’s newborn infant and dismembered it before sending it to the authorities. Nora never forgave Charles, who worked tirelessly to put his son back together and use the heart of an aborted fetus to give it life again. Horrified at what he did, Nora murdered him before turning the gun on herself. – 10

Creepiness: The remnants of his laboratory were seen in the opening credits and that’s all anyone needed to really know about the insidious acts that went on in the basement of the Murder House. From things kept in jars to trying to sew his dead infant back together, everything about Charles was frightening. – 8

Survivor / Supernatural Scale: Charles lived on as a ghost but did not haunt the subsequent owners very much, but he did help to deliver the children of Vivien Harmon – 6

Diva Scale:This is not an area of strength for Charles, who was weak-willed and a coward. Nora ordered him around and made it clear he was a failure and an embarrassment. He never put up a fight, he just had his ether and his projects to keep him busy. – 0

Overall Score: 24


ahs hayden

17: Hayden McClaine – Season 1 Murder House

Played by: Kate Mara

Classifications: Antagonist, Diva, Ghost

Best Line: “Why does being dead make me so horny?” 

Best Moment: After being killed and buried in the back yard by Larry, Hayden first shows up as a ghost at the door, and the audience knows she’s going to make Ben squirm even more.

Story: Hayden plays Ben Harmon’s emotionally unstable student who he has an affair with and gets pregnant. Ben flies back to Boston to see her to get her through an abortion, but she decides to keep the baby and goes to Los Angeles to use her pregnancy as a way to rip him away from his family. Larry “bails” Ben out by killing her...at the Murder House, and that’s when things get interesting. – 3

Creepiness: She’s a little crazy and that’s what makes Hayden such a good antagonist. She thought she’d have a life with Ben and pull him away from his family but, instead, comes to grips with being nothing more than a fling. Her unending pursuit of Ben transitioned her from the jilted lover to fatal attraction area quickly. – 6

Survivor / Supernatural Scale:Hayden is one-dimensional, but when she became a ghost, she was one of the few who reveled in her new abilities, who wanted to see what she can do. That’s what makes her such a great ghost: she doesn’t wallow in what she used to be, she tries to use her new abilities to make Ben and Vivien’s life a living hell the instant she understood what was going on. – 6

Diva Scale: She had one goal, and that’s to be with Ben no matter the cost. If it meant killing Vivien to do it, that’s where she was willing to go. If it meant killing Ben in the end so they can be together as ghosts, so be it. Hayden also enlisted the help of other ghosts in the house to get her way, including conspiring with Nora Montgomery to steal Vivien’s babies by killing them. She’s driven by her obsession and that makes her a first-class diva. – 10

Overall Score: 25


ahs myrtle snow

16: Myrtle Snow - Season 3 Coven

Played by: Frances Conroy

Classifications: Witch, Diva

Best Line: Screaming “Balenciaga!” as she burned at the stake.

Best Moment: I’m torn between Myrtle taking the melon baller to the eyes of her co-workers, Cecily and Quentin, or playing the most annoying instrument – the theremin.

Story: With a love for haute couture and Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Execptional Young Ladies, Myrtle Snow was a fan favorite for her verbal quips, sophistication and her brutal honesty. She was also a pure witch, always looking out for the present and future of the academy and was always suspicious of how Fiona came to be Supreme. Myrtle became Head of the Witches Council and forever Fiona’s rival. – 5

Creepiness: Outside of her garish ginger locks, Myrtle never came off as creepy or horrific  but she didn’t flinch when she wanted to inflict pain on her co-workers for betraying her.  – 3

Survivor / Supernatural Scale: One of the few witches to live up to the title, Myrtle showed more than one ability. She enchanted Spalding to keep him from ever lying in the past, she gets Cordelia her eyesight back, uses telekinetic powers and is resurrected by Misty Day the first time she is burned at the stake. – 9

Diva Scale: As a nod to their verbal jabs in Season 1, Conroy and Lange brought out the cat claws again in Coven. Fiona was the Supreme and was a worthy in that role, but Myrtle had all of the memorable lines, dropping names and jokes from the fashion world while dressed in expensive couture outfits. If the diva scale could go to 20, Myrtle Snow would reign the supreme. – 10

Overall Score: 27


ahs marie laveau

15: Marie Laveau - Season 3 Coven

Played by: Angela Bassett

Classifications: Voodoo Witch Queen, Diva

Best Line: “That ain’t magic, It’s an antihistamine! And the only thing I’m allergic to is you! Damn You!”

Best Moment: The confrontation and conversation Marie has with Fiona in her hair shop.

Story: Born in 1794, Marie Laveau would eventually become the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. When her boyfriend was captured and tortured by Madame Delphine LaLaurie, Marie sought revenge by hanging LaLaurie’s daughters and husband in front of her house. Then she poisoned LaLaurie with a potion that would grant her immortality and then buried her alive for eternity. She keeps a low profile until Fiona Goode needles her for ways to obtain eternal life and signals her of LaLaurie’s unearthing. Laveau was one of the many real life characters fictionalized in AHS, which brought even more interest beyond the show's exploits. – 5

Creepiness: Laveau is hardly one of the creepy characters of AHS, but she’s experienced some freaky things, especially at the hands of Madame LaLaurie. The deal she has with Papa Legba is horrifying, too, which puts her in a category all by herself, but she’s still low on the scale considering the long list of psychopaths on the show. – 3

Survivor / Supernatural Scale: Every year she has to sacrifice an innocent soul to Papa Legba to be granted immortality. Some of the other abilities she possessed included necromancy, mind control, telekinesis, and voodoo pinning. If you had to steal a newborn baby every year to keep your immortality, would you do it? – 9

Diva Scale: Marie had it out for Madame Delphine LaLaurie and Fiona which made for a hellish triangle of verbal cuts. – 10

Overall Score: 27


ahs edward mordrake

14: Edward Mordrake - Season 4 Freakshow

Played by: Wes Bentley

Classifications: Freakshow Grim Reaper, Ghost

Best Line: “It is not your talent that renders me speechless. It is your delusional ignorance.”

Best Moment: Coming to Twisty the Clown just as he was going to make Jimmy Darling his next victim, and getting him to share his story.

Story: Edward was a 19th century nobleman who was born with a second face on the back of his head. It was apparently a conjoined twin that never separated and there are varying sources on whether or not he really existed, though he does have an entry in the 1896 edition of the medical encyclopedia Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine. I love the idea of this little face driving Mordrake mad enough to commit suicide. He’s outfitted in the AHS universe to be a legend amongst freaks, and comes to those who act out on Halloween and takes with him a freak to travel with him. – 6

Creepiness: The unkempt lamb chop facial hair–not a big fan. The second face grinning and scowling–ghastly. That it would be whispering devilish things to him throughout the day and keep him up at night–extremely annoying! Still the whole package is kind of adorable but nothing anyone wants a part of. – 6

Survivor / Supernatural Scale: Mordrake is a ghost, a grim reaper for the freak community and, by the rules are established in Season 1, is free to roam on Halloween. His purpose of being at the Freakshow is a supernatural phenomenon unto itself, but Mordrake’s own history of having a second face on the back of his head, which he repeatedly tried to kill because it spoke to him and drove him insane, makes him one of the coolest characters in the AHS universe. – 10

Diva Scale: The idea that it’s the smaller face that determines who is chosen and who is passed over is fascinating. The back-face was more of a diva, but just watch how unsettled Mordrake becomes when he’s not entertained or feels that he’s being lied to. That’s a diva. – 6

Overall Score: 28


ahs dandy

13. Dandy Mott - Season 4 Freakshow

Played by: Finn Wittrock

Classifications: Psychopath, Villain, Diva

Best Line: “I want to be a thespian, but you keep ruining it!”

Best Moment: When he attached the Avon Lady’s head to the corpse of his mother make a life-sized puppet of Bette and Dot.

Story: Dandy is the result of inbreeding between his mother and her second cousin and being spoiled rotten in aristocracy. Dandy’s boredom at home coincides with the arrival of Elsa’s Cabinet of Curiosities freak show. There, he is introduced to conjoined twins Bette and Dot, who he falls for. He identifies with freaks, but also Twisty the Clown, who triggers his hunger to take life away. Dandy starts to develop a god complex at the same time he is rejected by Bette and Dot and blames Jimmy for his troubles. After murdering his mother, the maid and her daughter, he goes on a killing spree before buying the freak show from Elsa, after which the freaks eventually turn on him. On the list of psychopaths, Dandy Mott is an original. – 8 

Creepiness: From his forced smiles to the curls in his hair, there was always something off about Dandy. Once he started killing, he couldn’t stop and when he started bathing in his victims’ blood, a spot was reserved on the All-Star Creeper Club.– 10

Survivor / Supernatural Scale: It’s easy to survive when you’re the hunter. No one saw his path of murders coming, except for his mother, so it’s not until he feels threatened by Jimmy Darling that he starts acting more calculated. He had no other help from supernatural powers or life-threatening motive. – 0

Diva Scale:What spoiled brat isn’t off the scale diva? Truthfully, I don’t believe there’s a character in all of the seasons that is as remorseless as Dandy was. It’s hard to feel a connection with a character that is so destructive and yet he is the biggest freak of Freakshow.–  10

Overall Score: 28


has thredson bloody face

12: Dr. Oliver Thredson / Bloody Face– Season 2 Asylum

Played by: Zach Quinto

Classifications: Villain, Psychopath, Mad Doctor

Best Line: “Can I tell you a secret? Nutmeg makes all the difference in the world.”

Best Moment: Thredson squares off with Lana Winters, who was waiting for him with gun in hand. In an intense confrontation that included Thredson detailing what he did with Lana’s girlfriend’s corpse, Winters finally gets her revenge.

Story: Thredson first appeared at the Briarcliff asylum to diagnose Kit Walker guilty and insane of the suspected Bloody Face murders. Later, he treated Lana Winters when she snuck into the asylum undercover and agreed to help her get out if she agreed to be treated for his conversion therapy for homosexuality. He had more humane methods than Sister Jude’s shock therapy and after helping her escape Briarcliff, Lana entrusted him to get her back home, but instead found out that he is the serial murderer Bloody Face. Thredson held Winters captive and sexually abused her until she escaped, only to land in Briarcliff again. Thredson’s hubris would eventually spell his doom as he underestimated Winters again and again. – 7

Creepiness: Quinto just fits the 1960s era and his face has both a trustworthy and suspicious air. That’s what makes him appear to be a friend to Lana at Briarcliff, but his smarmy attitude put viewers on high alert. But what really put him over the edge was him detailing what he made the Bloody Face mask out of, that made every vile act and murder with it a terrifying experience both for the victims and viewers. – 10

Survivor / Supernatural Scale: The only power Thredson had over Lana Winters was psychological one after he murdered her girlfriend. Besides that, he was coward and used the societal and narrow-minded views on women and same sex relationships to find easy victims. – 2  

Diva Scale: Even though he didn’t get along with any of the other authority figures at Briarcliff, the verbal jousting between Thredson and Winters was a spectacle. – 9

Overall Score: 28


ahs hypodermic sally

11: Hypodermic Sally – Season 5 Hotel

Played by: Sarah Paulson

Classifications: Antagonist, Ghost

Best Line (so far): “Kids are the best!”

Best Moment (so far): At the time of publication, Sally’s best moment thus far was helping Iris commit suicide.

Story: Sally died at the Hotel Cortez when she was pushed out a window, falling dozens of stories to her death. She was pushed out by Iris, whose son, Donovan was shooting heroin with Sally. Now, she wanders the Cortez looking to hear other people’s sad stories so she can feel alive again. – 6

Creepiness: Like any hardcore junkie, she’s got a creepy appearance but unlike other ghosts in Murder House, she really knows how to haunt and manipulate her body, like when she terrorizes Scarlett in the hallway by grinding her teeth away. Surely, there’s more to come. – 6 

Survivor / Supernatural Scale: Sally’s first appearance is where the rules of Murder House come alive. You didn’t quite know if she was dead or alive when we first meet her, but when her tale of death is shown at the end of the first episode, you knew her soul was imprisoned at the Hotel Cortez and she was the type who would make everyone else’s stay just as miserable. – 9

Diva Scale: Irritable and a complete wild card, Sally acts as a free agent, only looking for the next score, the next high and be entertained by detailed stories of sorrow and regret. She has all the right to hate Iris for killing her and forever keeping her there but Paulson has free reign to be as reckless and demonic as she wants to be. – 8

Overall Score: 29


ahs constance

10: Constance Langdon – Season 1 Murder House

Played by: Jessica Lange

Classifications: Antagonist, Diva

Best Line: “Can you ferret out the fairies for us?”

Best Moment: There are too many noteworthy conflicts and soliloquies to list, but each brought out gems. The first time she meets the Harmons was filled with electricity in both verbal and non-verbal communication.

Story: Constance is a TV treasure. From her politically incorrect mouth to her backhanded compliments, she was an endless source of memorable moments. She moved to Los Angeles to chase the dream, but it never happened. She had four children, but we only meet three: Adelaide, who had Down’s Syndrome, Beauregard, who had craniodiaphyseal dysplasia, and Tate, who she regarded as her perfect child. She caught her husband sleeping with the maid Moira and murdered them both. She later moved next door and carried on an affair with the next owner of the Murder House, Larry Harvey. She understands how the house works and the ghosts that haunt it, which is why she remains next door so she can visit them whenever she pleases. Ultimately, Constance steals Vivien’s child (who is her grandson) after Ben dies, only to find out years later that Tate’s psychotic genes has been passed on to another. – 10

Creepiness: That a woman would reinforce her daughter as unfit for the public world and lock her in a “bad girl closet” full of mirrors as punishment made Constance as vile as any of the previous owners of the Murder House. – 8

Survivor / Supernatural Scale: – Thankfully, Constance was among the living, but her mind was open to other planes of existence. – 1

Diva Scale: She was an off-the-charts diva, but that’s exactly why we adored her. She said some things no one ever says out loud any more. She would have her child spit in baked goods intended for others. Constance manipulated others for her selfish gain. Other times she says things that should get her children taken away. She is arguably the worst mother on television, having one of her children killed, raised a school shooter psychopath, and treated another child like a monster to her face.  – 10

Overall Score: 29


has sister jude

9: Sister Jude Martin - Season 2 Asylum

Played by: Jessica Lange

Classifications: Antagonist, Anti-Hero, Prisoner

Best Line: “You’re out of your depth, Miss Lana Banana.”

Best Moment: Leading the Name Game dance routine in a drug-induced hallucination.

Story: Born Judy Martin, this nun brought herself to serve God after she believed her drunken driving killed a young woman. At Briarcliff, she ran a strict regime with punishment as the first solution, and more punishment as the alternative. On top of her duties as the head nun, she was embroiled in a power struggle with Dr. Arden for control of the asylum and  was sexually drawn to her superior, Monsignor Timothy Howard (Joseph Fiennes), but when she needed him to help her at her time of need, he turned his back on her. Sr. Jude was framed for the murder of a security guard and, in an ironic turn, was committed to Briarcliff, where she is left to rot by the Monsignor. She accepts her sentence as atonement for her part in the all of the wrongdoings at the asylum. Luckily, Kit Walker made sure that she was not forgotten and eventually brought her into his home, where he cared for her in her last years before she embraced Shachath’s death kiss once and for all. Sr. Jude starts out as an antagonist and powerful force of resistance, then spins around to being one of the stories viewers want to champion. Her arc of forgiveness and redemption takes the entire season to unfold and when Kit takes her home to live out her final years, there’s a beautiful nurturing twist.  – 10

Creepiness: For those who grew up in a strict Catholic School upbringing, a strict nun with a ruler in hand can be terrifying. Sr. Jude had a cupboard full of whips, flails, and medieval looking paddles. If you really misbehaved in her eyes, there was electroshock therapy and when that failed, well, there was Dr. Arden. She might have been stern and cold at the beginning but after her history is spilled, it’s easy to sympathize and hope for a happy ending finds Sr. Jude. – 6

Survivor / Supernatural Scale: Character-wise, Sr. Jude was full of trials and troubles for Lange to play out. Jude’s tale is one of survival, too, only topped in Season 2 by Paulson’s Lana Winters. There are so many ranges of material to juggle and sweeping dramatic turns that Lange played in magnificent fashion. There was no need for anything artificial or supernatural, Sr. Jude had it all. – 7 

Diva Scale: Though not nearly as intense of a diva as Constance or Fiona Goode, Sr. Jude was a nasty woman who went face to face with a Nazi Mad Scientist, a possessed demonic co-worker, played politics with her superiors and kept in line a host of inmates, some that actually deserved to be there. The ones that didn’t felt her wrath, too. – 8

Overall Score: 31


ahs mr march

8: James Patrick March  – Season 5 Hotel

Played by: Evan Peters

Classifications: Psychopath, Villain

Best Line (so far): “Pull the trigger and take her last breath. It’s exhilarating.”

Best Moment (so far): Iris’ history lesson is filled with enough death for an entire season. It included the demise of March, himself, and his loyal maid, Miss Evers.

Story: Since we’re in the middle of the latest season, it’s hard to say just how great March’s story is. With only three episodes, though, March is proving to be the darkest character that Peters has played (which says a lot) and one of the most nihilistic, unforgiving villains attached to the franchise. As the creator of the Hotel Cortez, March used his power and fortune to create an elaborate torture castle, equipped with hidden rooms for torture and body disposal, everything set to serve his appetite for death. Unfortunately, his grand opus was interrupted when his sloppiness led to the police surprising him at his hotel. Not wanting to surrender, March kills himself and now haunts the hotel looking for new people to kill. – 8

Creepiness: There’s no telling where his story is going to lead us, we just know he gets off on taking the last breath away from anything that’s alive. He has a total disregard for human life and the fact that he can continue killing as a ghost makes us wonder how many bodies he’s piled up over the years. Again, we have to leave room for more, but he’s already up there as far as I’m concerned. – 9

Survivor / Supernatural Scale: He was dangerous alive, but he’s just as wild and bloodthirsty as a ghost. He’s limited by who comes into the hotel and he cannot make any changes necessary to the hotel physically, but he may have found a few new minions to help him carry out more carnage. – 9

Diva Scale: We’ve seen March have a total disrespect for human life so we expect many more careless acts of violence. He’s not a fan of religion, that’s for sure. We’ve also yet to see how he co-exists with Countess Elizabeth. She’s a vampire, he’s a ghost and we haven’t seen them cross paths yet or with Sally either. – 6

Overall Score: 32


ahs dr arden

7: Dr. Arthur Arden AKA Dr. Hans Gruper – Season 2 Asylum and Season 4 Freakshow

Played by:  James Cromwell / John Cromwell

Classifications: Villain, Mad Doctor

Best Line: “Show me your mossy bank!”

Best Moment: Dr. Arden toyed with Sister Mary Eunice’s innocence, but when she became possessed and she gave into those temptations, he was conflicted. He wanted her to be pure. Saddened by her eventual death, he climbs into the cremator with her, alive.

Story: As one of the most devilish characters of AHS, Dr. Arden is hard to top. He was a Nazi war criminal as Hans Gruper. How he came to Briarcliff is unknown but, as one of the heads of the Asylum and renamed Arthur Arden, he experimented on inmates no one bothered with. If one of them acted out, he would punish them by strapping them onto his surgical table, where he injected them with a variety of diseases and disfigured them with saws and other surgical tools. He claimed to be working on the next phase of human evolution, but his actions went unchecked. Arden’s profile got a boost of interest recently when it was revealed in Freakshow he was the monster who amputated Elsa’s legs in the infamous snuff film. – 9

Creepiness: Nothing crawls up the skin more than hearing the words, “surviving Nazi war criminal”...and, also, look above at his best line. He’s full of hair-raising skin-crawling lines like this and then you start seeing what he does to people, injecting people with diseases and amputating parts of them for his delight. Arden is hands down the king of creep.  – 10

Survivor / Supernatural Scale: It took Arden to step into an active cremator to kill him, making him near immortal. Arden preyed on the weak and played god by taking healthy humans and creating a race of beings that were unsightly and ghastly. He remained undiscovered until a Briarcliff inmate claiming to be Anne Frank accused him of his war acts. – 6

Diva Scale: If you looked at the doctor wrong, you’d be lying on his table. He didn’t blink to put someone new on his table to tinker and toy with. His diva moments came against Sister Jude, though, as the two of them struggled for power at Briarcliff. – 7

Overall Score: 32


ahs twisty the clown

6: Twisty the Clown – Season 4 Freakshow

Played by: John Carroll Lynch

Classifications: Psychopath, Villain

Best Line: “I’m a good clown!”

Best Moment: There are so many frightening scenes with Twisty but the image of him circling round on the carousel at night by himself is forever a permanent part of my nightmares.

Story: Oftentimes, Ryan Murphy’s characters appear to be one-note early, but usually reveal a deeper, more relatable connection to the audience. It took until the Halloween two-parter with Edward Mordrake to really understand the Twisty character, but that’s exactly what happened when his sordid past of being wrongly accused as a child molester and his failed suicide came to light. – 10

Creepiness: Kudos has to be given to Lynch for his performance. Unable to use his mouth for most of the time, he did so much with his body and his eyes to give Twisty a more menacing and terrifying presence on camera. When it was revealed what his mouth looked like under the mask, all bets were off, Twisty was in a class by himself. And that bus. Who can forget that bus? – 10

Survivor / Supernatural Scale: Sometimes there’s nothing more frightening than a human, especially when it lives in a clown suit and wears a hat made of the scalps of his victims. Let’s not forget that Twisty survived a shotgun blast to the head. But once Edward Mordrake chooses him to be part of his freakshow, that gave him a new sense of belonging and purpose. – 7

Diva Scale: Once he embraced his new persona and took it out on those who wronged him, Twisty was filled with vindictive motivations and kidnapping, no matter how one justifies it, is never going to slide. Accepting help from Dandy Mott did not win him any brownie points. – 7

Overall Score: 34


ahs tate

5: Tate Langdon – Season 1 Murder House

Played by: Evan Peters

Classifications: Antagonist, Anti-Hero

Best Line: “Screw high school, that’s a blip in your timeline. Don’t get stuck there.”

Best Moment: When he was revealed to be Rubber Man and the man who raped Vivien Harmon. 

Story: Season 1 fire starter and evil incarnate who befriends and falls in love with Violet Harmon. This Kurt Cobain look-alike went on a mass shooting spree at his high school, which eventually led to his own death in the Murder House. Peters’ performance deserved all the high praise and was a powder keg the entire season. He twisted the guts of viewers as he proved to be both noble and despicable, valiant but unaccountable and yet he never does ever explain why he did what he did. – 10

Creepiness: There were a number of times Tate came off frightening, especially when the flashback to the school shooting was shown, but everything he did in the Rubber Man suit made him scarier. Also, when he shares with Ben Harmon how he’s going to take his daughter's virginity, Tate entered creeper land and was there to stay. – 10

Survivor / Supernatural Scale:– Tate wound up being a ghost but did some astounding things including impregnating Vivien and, on Halloween, was allowed to leave the Murder House to take Violet on a date. He helps establish the rules and abilities for ghosts in all of the seasons of American Horror Story – 8

Diva Scale:He wasn’t catty to other main characters, but Tate did carry some of the qualities passed down from Constance whenever he dealt with Chad and Patrick. He just doesn’t have it in abundance like his mom. Then again, what he did to his classmates was reprehensible. – 6

Overall Score: 34


ahs sr. mary eunice

4: Sister Mary Eunice McKee - Season 2 Asylum

Played by: Lily Rabe

Classifications: Demon

Best Line: “We are all going to be together in the dark watching The Sign of the Cross. A movie filled with fire, sex and the death of Christians–what fun!”

Best Moment: Once possessed, Sr. Mary Eunice gives into Dr. Arden’s advances, who is suddenly repulsed at the idea of her doing so, thus beginning his descent to madness.

Story: Sr. Mary Eunice McKee is the other prominent nun at Briarcliff, helping Dr. Arden with any needs no matter the request. Her innocence piques Arden’s desires, but her fragile state of mind is the result of being the victim of a skinny-dipping prank as a teenager. Sr. Mary Eunice also feared and desired the harsh cruelty and discipline of Sr. Jude. During the exorcism of possessed inmate Jed Potter, Sr. Mary Eunice was the next victim of the Devil’s spirit. Once under the control of the Devil, a different Sr. Mary Eunice took hold of the asylum and she was a constant thorn in Sr. Jude’s side until her mischievous acts gets Sr. Jude committed.  – 5

Creepiness: Early on, watching Dr. Arden trying to corrupt pure Sr. Mary Eunice prompts immediate repulsion, but when she gets possessed by the Devil, a murdering, manipulative spirit takes hold of her. It’s hard to believe it was the same woman playing both sides, but that’s why Rabe won the hearts and minds of critics and fans alike. – 10

Survivor / Supernatural Scale: To say she was nothing before she was possessed is not giving any credit to the character. That someone who'd led as pure and innocent a life as her and would be stuck working at Briarcliff was an interesting juxtaposition. After she became demonized, though, she not only fit in - she surpassed the evil that was surrounding her. – 10

Diva Scale: After she played a minor supporting role in Season 1, fans got to see what Rabe could do in this complex character that morphed into something that was so dark and frightening. She was a scene-stealer in the best way. To see how she reacted when she was her true, innocent self and that contrast in the demon she became when she was possessed was incredible. She dared Dr. Arden to take a bite of her apple and ultimately raped the Monsignor. The cattiest thing she does, though, is frame Sr. Jude for the murder of a security officer, thus throwing her under the bus. – 10

Overall Score: 35


ahs fiona goode

3: Fiona Goode - Season 3 Coven

Played by: Jessica Lange

Classifications: Supreme Witch, Diva

Best Line: “Don’t make me drop a house on you”

Best Moment: After the Axeman slaughters most of the Delphi Trust witch hunters, he hands Fiona his axe and she finishes off the head of the hunters, Harrison Renard.

Story: Afflicted by her vanity and aging body, Fiona, the Supreme Witch, is in search of immortality. After living the high life, she comes back to the school that made her and tries to repair her relationship with her  daughter, Cordelia. Instead, she tries to take over her daughter’s work to get closer to the new students, hoping to absorb their powers. – 10

Creepiness: Once diagnosed with cancer, Fiona began to give up on life until she met the psychopath Axeman and began a murderous love affair with him. Together, they looked like a power couple bathed in blood. – 6

Survivor / Supernatural Scale: She was the Supreme for 45 years and was fabulous doing so. She’s off the charts reckless as far as witches go, ashamed of the stereotypes that have driven the public perception of her kind, and she strived for power, greatness, respect, and was fearless. – 10

Diva Scale: Absolutely ruthless, Fiona got whatever she wanted. She sucked the life force of those who upset her, and if there was a threat to her kind, she wiped them out. Another redeeming quality of Fiona was that she opposed racists and tortured Madame Delphine LaLaurie to no end. She belittled others in cruel manner and humiliated others for her amusement.  Lange had fun playing this role, and you could tell. – 10

Overall Score: 36


ahs madame lalaurie

2: Madame Delphine LaLaurie - Season 3 Coven

Played by: Kathy Bates

Classifications: Villain, Diva

Best Line: “I don’t care what kind of monster anybody says I am. I loved my girls...in my own way. Even the ugly one.”

Best Moment:  After a close-up of President Obama on the television, the camera pulls back to reveal Madame LaLaurie crying.

Story: LaLaurie was a known Louisiana socialite who also tortured and murdered countless slaves for her sick enjoyment during the early 1800s. She picked on the wrong slave one day and became the target of voodoo witch queen Marie Laveau, who cast an immortality spell on her before burying her alive, never to be unearthed, until Fiona Goode did so looking for the secret of eternal life. Fiona takes her in, racist remarks and all, to make her the servant at her coven. There, she is belittled, ridiculed and confronted with all of the changes in society since she was put in the ground. – 7

Creepiness: Would you believe that the Madame was based on a real person who performed unspeakable acts on slaves in the attic of her home during the turn of the 19th century? That makes her especially creepy. – 10

Survivor / Supernatural Scale: Like Dr. Arden, Madame LaLaurie played a god and tortured slaves and even her own daughters. After Marie Laveau cast a spell of immortality on her, she remained trapped underground in a casket, buried alive, until Fiona dug her up. She survived being decapitated, and a whole host of tortures. – 10

Diva Scale: While there is nothing funny about racism, Delphine was so over-the-top that one couldn’t help but laugh at her ridiculous racist feelings. Between her disgusting acts and her catfights with Queenie, Fiona, and Marie Laveau, Delphine was the type of character you know would score high in a Ryan Murphy world, regardless of season. – 10

Overall Score: 37


ahs lana winters

1: Lana “Banana” Winters - Season 2 Asylum

Played by: Sarah Paulson

Classifications: Anti-Hero, Prisoner

Best Line: “All I can say is, read my book.”

Best Moment: After escaping Briarcliff with Dr. Oliver Thredson and getting comfortable in his home, Lana figures out that he’s Bloody Face.

Story: Asylum starts out with Lana wanting to be a star journalist and get the drop on Bloody Face, a serial killer in the area. The second time Lana visits Briarcliff, she goes undercover when Kit Walker is brought into custody of the asylum as a main suspect for the Bloody Face murders. Snooping around on Briarcliff’s grounds, she gains entry through the tunnel, and eventually is knocked unconcious. When she awakes, Sister Jude has her confined to a bed with a statement signed by her girlfriend and a judge to keep her under Briarcliff’s care. She pleads for someone to hear her case and that it’s a mistake, because it only leads to electroshock therapy. Dr. Thredson takes her case, on the condition she undergo conversion therapy for her homosexuality. Lana easily has the best story of any AHS character and Paulson amidst equally deserving performances by Lily Rabe and Jessica Lange, just owns this season. – 10

Creepiness: Lana wasn’t creepy, herself, but she was put into numerous creepy situations, like being raped by Bloody Face, getting electroshock therapy, seeing the aftermath of her lover killed and tortured, and coming face-to-face with her bastard child, who is carrying on his father’s legacy as an adult.  – 9

Survivor / Supernatural Scale: Asylum was less about the supernatural than other seasons, which is why it was so terrifying. It’s unfair to hold anything against human characters that don’t have abilities, but she is definitely has the strongest will and incredible survival instincts. So, she deserves the high score here. – 10

Diva Scale: Lana Banana was the hero during the entire season but, after all of the tragedy, when she helped expose what went down at Briarcliff, her inner diva came out as she took down Cardinal Howard and the crimes that Dr. Arden performed. She even made a documentary, Briarcliff Exposed, to show the public the atrocities and the inhumane conditions at the asylum. Then, at age 75, after being interviewed, she is confronted by her son, who is there to kill her, but she, instead, is ready for him – 9

Overall Score: 38


So that's my list, do you agree? Who are your favorite characters and why? What characters from the new season Hotel have you talking? Feel free to discuss below.