31 times Wonder Woman was almost the goddess of disaster

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:13 AM EDT (Updated)

Great Hera!

Since 1941, Wonder Woman has lassoed leviathans, married a monster, deflected bullets with her bracelets, broken chains, broken out of the jaws of things with some serious teeth, been used as target practice ... and that's just a glimpse of her illustrious résumé.

Not that it's all been glamorous, even in a star-spangled suit and glittering gold tiara. Fighting the savage and the supernatural means you're going to end up with some heroically awkward moments.

While WW is no less majestic as she maneuvers through some monstrous ordeals, the goddess-in-disguise appears almost as human as any mere mortal when she's caught in a struggle that teeters on the edge of disaster -- though unlike most of us, she actually stays alive. Sometimes she even needs (gasp!) a part-time job.

Many of these misadventures have made for some bizarrely entertaining comic book covers. You're going to find yourself in a tangle when an undead mummy tries to wind you in its wrappings. If you spot a dinosaur in a department store, fighting that enormo-saurus off the escalator won't happen in one shot, especially if you're going up and it's going down. Even the beach is no vacation when you're Diana Prince -- surfing with your super-gear doesn't mean a behemoth from the deep can't wipe you out.

Crash, trip and tumble through this gallery of vintage covers for evidence that even one of the DC Universe's most powerful heroines can sometimes find herself flirting with catastrophe and you might not be so hard on yourself next time you slip on a candy wrapper in public.

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