32 reasons why She-Ra is the best thing ever

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Sep 9, 2017

September 9 marks the 32nd birthday of, arguably, the most important creation of the previous century. After penicillin, marshmallow fluff, and Ann Jillian’s innovation of the bowl cut (note: this is the part where I’ve lost anyone under the age of 37): She-Ra, Princess of Power.

As was the case with many creations of the 1980s, She-Ra’s genesis came from a bunch of people trying to make more money. Mattel and Filmation, having earned hundreds of millions off the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe toy line and cartoon, respectively, wanted to extend the franchise. Research indicated that girls liked He-Man as much as boys (duh, but this was the '80s), so the two companies decided to create a toy line and series targeted to girls. Thus was born She-Ra, He-Man’s twin sister.

She-Ra was introduced in a 1985 theatrical movie with He-Man called Secret of the Sword, with her TV show premiering shortly after. The program ran two seasons, for a total of 93 episodes.

In celebration of her 32nd birthday, here are 32 reasons why the She-Ra franchise is the best:


She had the best transformation sequence ever

"For the honor of Greyskull" is a unifying battle cry around the world. 

She-Ra Princess of Power clip - It's Soaring Spirit Soaring!

Her horse is fancy

Spirit (who becomes Swift Wind) is kind of a cross between if a dandy and a nobleman became a horse. 


Melendy Britt voiced her

No one could have done a better job. Also, Melendy Britt is the greatest name ever. Here she is with Captain Stubing. 

He-Man and She-Ra Cosplay Competition at Power-Con 2016

Awesome cosplay

She-Ra and all the other characters from the show consistently inspired some brilliant cosplay. Case in point - this competition from 2016's Power Con. 


Adora never smelled bad

Adora wore the same outfit every day yet never smelled bad. 


Her friends' names are on the nose

We've got Frosta (who controls ice), Netossa (throws nets), Spinerella (spins really fast), Mermista (a mermaid), Castaspella (a magician), Angella (a woman with wings). Subtly is overrated. 

Masters Of The Universe Float (1985)

Pat Sajak talked about her

Observe this piece of bonkers performance art from the 1985 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade introduced by Pat Sajak. 


J. Michael Straczynki wrote Season 1 episodes

We are 100% confident that his later work on Babylon 5, Sense8 and The Amazing Spider-Man was influenced by She-Ra. Okay, maybe not. But still, it's cool. 



The Crystal Castle in the TV show and the playset from the toyline look NOTHING alike and no one ever really seemed to care. 


It DGAF Part 2

Castaspella's figure from the toyline and her outfit from the show look nothing alike. 

He Man And She-Ra I Have The Power Music Video

This music video

She Ra Princess of Power - The Pearl

Mermista's accent

Is she french or just weird?


She-Ra is more powerful than He-Man

They are equals in strength, yes, but She-Ra can ALSO communicate with animals and her sword can turn into other weapons. 


Jealous Beauty!

In all toy packaging, She-Ra's archenemy Catra was described as a "jealous beauty." This is an amazing description, so amazing that friends and I almost started a band called "Jealous Beauty" in college. 

Shadow Weaver

Shadow Weaver was legitimately terrifying. She also smoked no less than three packs a day. 


Frosta's outfit

Hands down one of the best costumes ever. 


She helped create this

If the franchise didn't exist, this amazing piece of Murder She Wrote and She-Ra mash up would never exist. You can get Murder She-Ra items here. 

The end of the road!

Madame Razz

Madame Razz, a completely ineffectual magician who called everyone "dearie" and whose best friend is a broom. Despite being from an alien planet, she sounded like she was from Canarsie. 


Everyone had bizarre sensory perception

Despite looking exactly alike, no one on the show could figure out She-Ra and Adora were the same person. 

She-Ra Opening Theme

It had an amazing opening sequence

There are hundreds of thousands of people that can recite this entire monologue by memory. 


She-Ra screwed with gender norms

The action figures had stylable hair and changeable outfits (like "girls toys"), yet had action features and poseability (like "boys toys"). This was a total mindf*ck for stores, who didn't know whether to put them in the boys or girls aisle.  A small chink in the armor of traditional gender norms. 


I can guilt trip my mom

On the above note, thanks to She-Ra I can totally guilt trip my mom sometimes beacuse she wouldn't let me buy the toys as a kid because they were in the "girls' aisle."

Xou da Xuxa - She-Ra - 1986

Xuxa sang about her

1980s Brazilian superstar Xuxa created this epic song about She-Ra and released it as a single. I have no idea what she's saying but I've listened to this 13 times. I'm also obsessed with the girl with the mullet at 4:33. 



The modern toy line is great

Masters of the Universe classics is a line Mattel released starting in 2008. It offers new, updated figures of classic characters with amazing design and articulation. They've released all the She-Ra characters and they are stunning. 

She-ra trapped

Catra always sounds super psyched

Catra (jealous beauty!) always sounded like what would happen if you gave Eartha Kitt some helium and mainlined caffeine into her bloodstream. 


Double Trouble

Double Trouble was an action figure that never made it into the cartoon. She had the ability to convince The Horde she was evil because she could convincingly give resting bitch face. 


She inspires awesome fan art

She-ra Princess of Power Collection Series #12- Fantastic Fashions!

An unusual sense of fashion

The 80s toy line came with additional outfits called "Fantastic Fashions." They were absolutely bonkers. I'll paypal $50 to anyone that recreates these and takes a picture. P.S. make sure to check out AZ 80's girl amazing youtube channel. 

Horde Inspector Kowl!

Scorpia's Voice

Yes, there's been multiple entries about the voices of characters but Scorpia's takes the cake. She sounds like a drunk trucker named Earl. 

The Masters of The Universe Power tour5

There was a musical about her

She-Ra was at the center of of the 1987 Masters of the Universe Power Tour, which was a live action musical experience. Here, a Donny Osmond wannabe dressed like he's just off the Mamma Mia tour sings about She-Ra's birth!

Frosta School of Pursuing Men

Frosta was always horny

Frosta was seriously always trying to get in He-Man's pants (loincloth).


She-Ra was a hero

She-Ra was self-reliant, kind and fought for those who couldn't fight for themselves. Her sex was never an issue; in fact, it was rarely even mentioned. I don't like describing her as a "female" hero because it puts the focus on a characterisic that never defined her. She's a hero, plain and simple. 

That's something the millions of once-little boys and girls that watched her have known for 32 years. 

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