365 Days wins a Parsec!

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Sep 8, 2009

I know that title may take a moment to parse, but what it means is that the podcast 365 Days of Astronomy just won the Parsec, an annual award for podcasts! My congrats to everyone involved: Nancy Atkinson (who wrote about this at Universe Today), Pamela Gay, George Hrab (who did the musical theme and accepted the award at Dragon*Con) and everyone else who contributed.

365 Days is a user-driven 'cast: people signed up for different days of the year, recorded a podcast about astronomy, and then uploaded it to the site. So the content is totally by the audience, which is very cool, and a great way to build a dedicated community to support astronomy. I'm really glad this unique venture -- a project of the International Year of Astronomy -- got the recognition it deserves!

And 365 Days still has quite a few days to go, so you should put it in your iTunes subscriptions or your RSS feed or whatever it takes so that you can listen in every diurnal rotation of the Earth.

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