3 Thrones videogames coming—with George R.R. Martin's help

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Dec 15, 2012

Ever since Game of Thrones season 1 ended, we've been biding our time with displacement activities, like listening to different versions of the theme song, rereading the books and wondering how long it will take for season two to get here. (FYI: April 2012.) But now we have something else to look forward to: not one, not two, but three videogames.

Best of all, George R.R. Martin has a direct hand in developing one of them, an RPG, which will be available on the PS3, Xbox and the PC.

According to USA Today, the RPG:

is based on an original story by Martin. HBO plans to share video with the developers so that the game parallels the series. ...

Even though Martin is involved in all the games, the author says, "I am not an expert in this field. ... I trust in (the developers') expertise."

Among the characters Martin created for the in-development and as-yet-untitled role-playing games are a member of the Night's Watch on the frozen Wall and a Red priest. The game "has some interesting stuff and looks gorgeous," he says.

As for the other two games, one is a social networking game (think Farmville), which appeals to casual gamers but not hardcore ones. The other is a free-to-play MMO, developed by BigPoint. (BigPoint developed the Battlestar Galactica MMO, which amassed 2 million registered players within three months of its release date.)

Currently, gamers who love Martin's tales can play Game of Thrones: Genesis, a strategy game. Sadly, it received only mediocre reviews. Most of us will have to wait for a good game of Game of Thrones.

Because these games won't be released until 2012, the same as the second season, we won't be waiting longer ... we'll also be waiting harder.

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