3 post-Lost projects we COULD have seen from Carlton Cuse

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Dec 14, 2012

Executive producer Carlton Cuse has been busy ever since Lost ended, not that you'd know it based on what's turned up (or, more accurately, HASN'T turned up) on our TV screens. But that doesn't make the projects he didn't go ahead with any less intriguing.

Writing in the New York Times about his recovery from the endless grind of the successful series, Cuse mentioned three projects that either didn't work out or else were so laughable he wouldn't even consider them:

I discussed projects with a variety of producers and executives. They ranged from the sublime—an adaptation of Stephen King's wonderful novel Under the Dome, which for a variety of reasons did not work out—to some decidedly less so: a guy and a ghost are a detective team. Or my favorite: a show about a hot dolphin trainer and her dolphins who work at an aquarium by day but perform secret missions for the government by night. (I know what you're thinking: No, I don't know how they get the dolphins back to the aquarium every morning by dawn.)

As much as we would have loved to see Cuse's take on the King best-seller, somehow it's the thought of dolphin spies that really sparks our imagination. Because, you know, zombies are so last season.

On the other hand, if they were ZOMBIE dolphins ...

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