3 things 'Uhura' wants in the next Trek and 1 she doesn't

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Zoe Saldana is eager to reprise the role of Nyota Uhura in the inevitable sequel to J.J. Abrams' hit Star Trek movie and is looking forward to three big things:

"To get to go back to Star Trek and see Chris [Pine]'s baby-blue eyes and get to kiss Spock, Zachary [Quinto], and to work with J.J. I couldn't have been in a better environment, from the writers to the producers," she told a group of reporters (including SCI FI Wire) last week. "[It's exciting] to get to relive that experience in another adventure in space."

But there's one thing she's not looking forward to: fitting into Uhura's form-fitting uniform. "I'm not looking forward to the dress," Saldana admitted with a laugh. "It just means I have to hit the gym two months before we start shooting, so I'm not looking forward to that."

Abrams' Star Trek reboot has taken in more than $380 million worldwide, and a sequel is in development.

Saldana also has starring roles in James Cameron's upcoming 3-D sci-fi epic Avatar and Warner Brothers' adaptation of the DC/Vertigo graphic novel The Losers.

There's one other thing that Trek has given Saldana: a new life as a fan convention regular for years to come. "They're perks," Saldana said. "Besides the financial perks of signing on to films that turn into franchises is that you get to work with the actors and the directors all over again."