3-year-old teaching her dad about superheroes will make you smile

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Dec 17, 2012

It's not uncommon for parents to pass their love for comics on to their children, but one adorable 3-year-old girl in California has turned that tradition on its head. Maddy Logelin stumped her dad with an insatiable hunger for superhero intel, and turned pops into a comic connoisseur in the process.

Young Maddy is the daughter of novelist Matthew Logelin, who publishes a popular blog about himself and his daughter, in the wake of his wife's death shortly after childbirth.

In a recent post, Logelin said he had no clue what to do when his little girl quickly became a Batman junkie, because he knows nothing about the genre.

"A few weeks back her mind was completely blown when she found a Batman mask ready to be cut from the box of her favorite breakfast cereal, and no matter where on Earth you live, you probably heard her squeal when I pulled a Batman comic book from inside the package," he wrote. "A few days later Brooke [Logelin's new partner] bought her a t-shirt with a bunch of superheroes on it, and when Madeline chose it as her shirt for the day, she spent the entire drive to school asking me questions about the superheroes and their personalities and super powers ... questions I couldn't answer for her other than to say that the Hulk turns green when he's angry."

Not knowing how to proceed, Logelin took Maddy to the local comic book shop on a quest for answers.

"Maddy eagerly hit her with questions about Batman, Wolverine, Green Lantern, and all the other superheroes she could think of, and the woman answered her questions enthusiastically, pulling out age-appropriate comic books for Maddy," he wrote.

Having stumbled upon a brand-new bonding experience the two can share, Logelin said he and Maddy are now working their way through Gotham's (age-appropriate) underbelly together.

"So now I'm trying learn as much as I can about comic books and superheroes so I can be a better father," he wrote. "But just when I think I've figured things out, I'm reminded that gender identification is malleable and our assumptions are bullsh*t."

Sound off: Who influenced you to become a fan of your favorite sci-fi comic/series/films?

(via Comics Alliance).