3-D helps the new Resident Evil movie make more $ than ever

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 14, 2012

Here's good news if you like the Resident Evil movies and bad news if you don't like the whole 3-D craze that's taken over movie theaters. Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D is on track to have the biggest opening weekend in the franchise's history, which can be attributed almost entirely to its 3-D-ization.

The movie debuted last night on 3,200 theater screens, and 2,000 of those were of the new 3-D variety, meaning movie theaters charged you a higher ticket price for getting the extra viewing dimension. So far the film has made $11 million and looks like it will finish with about $28 million for the weekend.

That's $5 million more than any of the previous films made (they earned between $17 million and $25 million during their first weekends) and will probably just convince more filmmakers to go the 3-D route. That also makes the prospect of a Resident Evil 5 more likely. (Although we'll always approve of zombies being in 3-D, not just EVERY film in 3-D, so by all means bring on Resident Evil 5: Post-Afterlife 3D.)

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