3rd Ring flick to go teen-centric and add (what else?) 3-D

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

The Ring—the first of many Asian-inspired horror films to freak us out with an English-language adaptation of a Japanese hit—will be heading back to the screen in 3-D, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

In addition to adding a third dimension, the new film aims to be more teen-centric than the first, with the hope of reinventing the franchise. The plot of the original film centered on a journalist investigating a mysterious videotape that seemed to cause the death within a week of anyone who viewed it, and one potential plot may involve teens finding a VHS player that still actually works.

The third entry based on the Japanese horror movie is being called Ring 3D, and will be written by David Loucka (Dream House).

It's still far too early for a director or stars to join the project, but considering that the first film opened doors for director Gore Verbinski, who went on to direct Pirates of the Caribbean, and brought Australian star Naomi Watts to greater prominence in the U.S., any new Ring film could be seen as an attractive project.

What do you think? With VHS tapes going the way of rotary phones and buggy whips, can the Ring franchise be rebooted?

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