4 character pics from Walking Dead S3 plus gruesome new TV spot

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Dec 17, 2012

AMC has released a bloody new promo for The Walking Dead season three. This year, the characters are taking a more proactive approach. They want that prison, and they want it now!

"I know that we're all exhausted, but we gotta push just a little bit more." Those are the encouraging words Rick Grimes tells his followers. The Ricktatorship is in full effect, and he has his eye on that prison. In the latest TV spot, they fight their way through a batch of zombies just to make it inside.

As usual, Lori is there to give her input on Rick's plans. Surprisingly, she's not combative or manipulative. She just says, "Do whatever you gotta do to keep this group safe." We also catch a glimpse of Andrea and Michonne stumbling into Woodbury, followed by a shot of the Governor.

Speaking of the Governor, AMC also released four character photos featuring him, Rick, Carl, Maggie, Glenn and Daryl.

The Walking Dead season three premieres Oct. 14 on AMC.

(via Yahoo TV)