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4 reasons why Sam Huntington thinks you must watch tonight's sexy Being Human

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Mar 12, 2019, 1:00 PM EDT (Updated)

When Syfy's Being Human returns for its fourth season tonight, you'll get to see the sexiest scene Sam Huntington ever shot, promised the actor in an exclusive interview with Blastr. In fact, fans of naked Josh, the werewolf roomie of the trio, should get ready for one bare season.

Last season, Josh and Nora finally got married. Beyond that, Josh got a little too comfy with his wolf; Aidan saw his presumed dead wife from the 1700s, Suzanna, get out of a cab; and Sally was dragged down to her death spot by Witch Donna (Amy Aquino) and trapped in limbo.

[Spoilers alert!]

Huntington chatted about Being Human's premiere and playing a werewolf, and he gave us four reasons you'll want to see tonight's “shocking” premiere.

Yep, it's going to get sexy

The season opens and three months have passed with Josh stuck in his wolf form. “Still a wolf, yep. It's still a major issue,” said Huntington.

In fact, Nora and Aidan have been desperately trying to get Josh back. “He's still tied to the lunar cycle, so basically instead of turning into a werewolf once a month, he turns back into a human being once a month on the full moon,” he said.

“The funny thing is, the one time that you see me on that night, it's the first episode, you see me come back as a human being just for a night, and it's been three months. So it's like Nora and Josh get like one night a month to be together. It's hysterical. All it is is they just tear each other's clothes off. It's far and away the sexiest scene I've ever shot,” he said.

Luckily for the newlyweds, Josh won't stay a wolf. However, if he did end up getting stuck as a wolf all season, that would have been “a really easy year for me, yeah. Which would just be a series of growls,” joked Huntington.

What Huntington admits is not so funny is when it starts to get chilly while filming. “It's just getting colder and more raw. It's like, ugh, I have to be naked in the woods again,” he said.

Get ready to be “shocked and disturbed”

“Josh does come back. But he is drastically changed for reasons that I probably shouldn't get into. But he is not the same guy when he comes back. That, needless to say, puts a gigantic strain on his relationship, not only with Nora but with the roommates. It puts a tremendous weight on him, on his shoulders, to try and overcome this new element, this new character trait, if you will,” said Huntington.

This year, “because of the wrench that gets thrown into things, it's very different for Josh. His battle that he just kind of won gets thrown into a bizarre tailspin, if you will,” said the actor.

“What has surprised me are certain risks that the writers have taken with Josh, to be honest. It's been really very shocking that they've done the things that they've done. I think that viewers are going to be really, really shocked and disturbed," he said. "Get ready."

Season four Josh's behavior is “bizarre”

“It's been actually really challenging this year because the way they're writing Josh. The decisions he makes are all over the place. There's no consistency to his decisions. So for me, I'll be in a scene and I'll be doing one thing and in the next scene I'll completely contradict myself. And it's bizarre, and it's on purpose. They've written it that way,” said Huntington.

“It has been a real challenge to try and find any thread of consistency this year in Josh. You know, it sounds like I'm putting the writers down. I'm not. I think it's really interesting. I think it's something that happens when people have a tremendous amount of trauma in their life. They struggle to maintain consistency. I think that's something that Josh definitely is struggling with this year,” he added.

This season's all about destiny.”

While werewolf Josh will continue to try to resolve his issues, once again all the roommates will struggle to find the humanity within their situation.

“This season's all about destiny. It's all about 'Everything happens for a reason.' What's cool is it's a theme I so, so strongly believe in, [because] if I didn't believe that I would just live in a complete and utter panic every single day because of all the disappointment and constant struggle to try and make things happen and they don't. So you have to believe that something is going to happen. No matter what happens, you're on a path, a little bit. I think these people are, and I think that's what this season explores. And I love that. I think it's awesome. Because we've been through some heavy s--t,” he said.

Indeed. “Heavy s--t” doesn't even begin to cover what's happened to them over the last three seasons. This year, “everything is disturbing. There's some werewolf stuff this year that's really, really out there and very hard to watch. There's definitely some stuff that's hard to watch at the top of the season for Aidan. Things that have happened to him in the past that are revealed that are very, very interesting and disturbing and painful, and say a lot about who he is and where he's from,” said Huntington.

“The time just flies.”

“It's been such a ride. Such a huge, wonderful blessing. It has been the best thing in my career, far and away. I get to go to work every day with my best friends and be creative and laugh harder than I've ever laughed before, every day. Every day we're laughing. Josh has been such a gift. He's such a three-dimensional, wonderful character, which is always providing me with new challenges and fun. I'm just the luckiest guy. It literally has transformed my life. My family has grown during the course of this show, so it's even more significant,” he said.

“My son was literally one year old when I moved up here, and now he's four and a half,” said Huntington. He's married, and also has a 2-year-old daughter.

“It's wild. The time just flies. I can't believe we're in the fourth season. We did a big gallery shoot a couple weeks ago. Took a bunch of new publicity shots, a bunch of new really cool gallery stills. And I'm looking at us and how much we've grown. I'm looking at my face like, 'Oh my God!' I'm like a guy now. I was a boy when we started this, and now I'm like a guy. It's so weird. I guess that's just what children and sleeplessness will do to you, but it's bizarre.”

According to Huntington, he's known he wanted to be an actor his whole life. “When you're a little boy and you're thinking about the roles that you want to play when you grow up, you're not thinking about playing an accountant or a tax man. You're thinking about playing a superhero or a frigging werewolf. It's fantasy, and it's fun. Not to take away from those jobs, because those jobs are very important. I'm just saying it's the fantasy of it, you know what I mean? I get to go to work and literally be a wolf.”

Being Human airs on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy.

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Are you ready for some sexy werewolf Josh action?

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