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The BabadookThis supernatural thriller focuses on a single mother who is dealing with a troubled son who asks her if she wants to die. Things get even freakier when she discovers a terrifying children’s book on her son’s shelf, which hints there could be some supernatural terror at work. The film was written and directed by Jennifer Kent (the short film Monster).

41 thoughts we had while watching The Babadook

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Mar 27, 2021, 1:00 AM EDT (Updated)

For all of the internet memes and jokes, you'd think The Babadook was a lighthearted comedy about old man Babadook who overcomes his grumpiness to find gay love. Some of my friends even choose to frak him over other horror film monsters. 

When I told my sister and a friend that I was planning to watch the film, they both responded eerily similarly to the news:


So perhaps all of this is what led me into a false sense of security before I decided to watch The Babadook for the very first time. Maybe this is why I assumed it might be a heartwarming coming-out story (it's not). So with only a warning to watch the film in the daytime, I eagerly embarked on the journey of discovering Mister Babadook and recorded all of my thoughts below. All I'm asking if for you to just let me in for the next five minutes.

1. So this is about someone’s nice gay Australian Uncle, right?

2. [growing skeptical] Why do I have to watch this mother/son coming out story during the day...

3. Oh nice, she’s enjoying a fun ride on a rollercoaster. How sweet.


4. I’ve seen a movie before; I think this monster storybook is foreshadowing. 

5. He’s like a little Ghostbuster! Who ya gonna call? Creepy Samuel!

6. The decor of this house is just asking for something terrible to happen


7. And she works with old people? This is a recipe for disaster.

8. Oh, a “woman should stay in the kitchen joke!” Never heard one of those before.

9. Is The Babadook his babysitter? I’d watch that film.

10. Samuel is a classic oversharer. Do not give that kid a Twitter.

11. Mister Babadook sounds classy...


13. Listen, even ladies who are in a horror movie gotta get their pleasure before they die.

14. I feel like these old people don’t appreciate the gloriousness of Essie Davis standing in front of them just trying to have one moment of joy in her life.


15. Amelia needs to spend more time out of that drab house. Get you that ice cream cone. #treatyoself

16. This kid does not need internet access. He needs therapy. And while he’s at therapy she can go on a date.

17. Just turn around and leave, Robbie. You are *not* ready for this.


18. “The Babadook did it!” is the new “It Wasn’t Me.” This movie just needs its own Shaggy song.

19. I know it’s a creepy book but ripping up books just seems wrong

20. These moms are like the Stepford Wives in suits.

21. So is the horror part of this film just parenthood?

22. After taking a sleeping pill, this is the happiest Amelia has been this entire movie and I GET IT.

23. It’s not polite to show up after you’ve been torn up and thrown in the trash, Mister Babadook. I thought you had manners. Your first name is "mister."


24. How can Babadook use the phone with those fingers?


26. Koala-ty content to prevent nightmares. *wink*

27. I had to check how much of this movie is left, because I am already terrified. Only halfway through?!

28. Oh no oh no oh no. Is he made of paper? Did he go inside her? Is that healthy? WTF.

29. Finally, someone acknowledges that they need to leave this creepy house.

30. Sleeping with a violin is maybe the strangest thing yet. Even stranger than taking a bath with their clothes on. It's hard to decide, because there are just so many creepy things happening.


31. I get very tense when mothers scream at their children.

32. Bugsy knows what’s up. Dogs must have a sense or something.

33. I’ll never look at a top hat the same way again.

34. So is she Mister Babadook or is it her dead husband? Both? Neither?

35. I can’t tell if the Australian accent is making it all more or less creepy at this point.

36. So can Babadook hover or does he have one of those hoverboard-type things? Starting to think Mister Babadook is a millennial.


37. Samuel is handling this all super well.

38. What if Mister Babadook is just misunderstood? What’s his side of the story?

39. Dead Dad is hot. YOU GO GURL.

40. Do they really need this big of a house for two people? I doubt Mister Babadook visits apartments.

41. I guess the moral of the story is that we all have a Mister Babadook in our lives. We just gotta let him inhabit us, then tell him to f*ck off, then keep him as a pet in the basement. Then we'll be happy.

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