44 thoughts I had while watching Idiocracy

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Mar 7, 2018, 1:02 PM EST

We revisit films from the past for our recurring series Deja View. Many of these films are hidden gems that we adore, and some, well, some are more like Idiocracy.

The film has a 76% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and despite being released with little fanfare, the 2006 film has a cult following and has received favorable responses from critics. However, like poking on Facebook, which was also hot in 2006, this Mike Judge film did not age well. Idiocracy has a surprisingly star-studded cast, and the overall highlight is Judge’s acerbic wit, which takes on capitalism, evolution, and, for some reason, sex work.

1. From the opening, this just screams Mike Judge. We’re looking at a mural depicting the future while the narrator talks about what science fiction predicted the future would be like in a science fiction film about what the future will be like. It’s Inception for the future… which I guess is just Days of Future Past.

2. I really relate to this couple talking about how they can’t have kids in this market. This is an actual thought I have every time someone tells me they’re pregnant.

3. When the football player screams, “I’m gonna [disparaging word for making sweet, sweet love] all of y’all,” I feel like I’ve been throttled back 10 years to my own high school.

4. Joe is an Army librarian. That’s not a real thing, is it? Yes. It is.

5. Oh god, am I one of the stupid people for not knowing the Army had librarians?

6. MAYA RUDOLPH? I’m dead.


7. “A pimp’s love is very different from that of a square.”

8. Wait. I thought this was a movie about time travel. Is this just basically Futurama?

9. Whoa… this white doc just dropped an n-bomb for no discernible reason.

10. Well, at least he got what he deserved. But. Still.

11. Judging from the graph, the average IQ right now (in 2017, 12 years after the film) is predicted to be 102.

12. Wait. There’s an actual professor in Connecticut who studies IQ decline, and his graph says that in 2017 the average IQ is more like 88.

13. So far, the basic premise of this film (that a military librarian will be cryogenically frozen and then wake up in a time when the global IQ has dropped greatly) is a lot more plausible than I thought.

14. The great garbage avalanche of 2505. Just. That.

15. DAX SHEPARD?? He and Maya Rudolph are both also in The Good Place, so maybe this is actually just another neighborhood designed to torture Joe.


16. Geez. The narrator just dropped an f-bomb (not the curse word, the homophobic one).

17. Oh man, the health master inferno is disturbingly reminiscent of Doctor On Demand (where I had to open my mouth and say ahhh into the tiny camera on my computer).



19. Oh geez. I was not prepared for the repeated f-bombs and r-bombs.

20. Do you think Luke Wilson was offended at being the most average person, or do you think everyone else was offended to be cast as idiots?

21. These future cars are like covered Zambonis and I am feeling it.

22. Best line of the film: “The last time you told me not to worry was 500 goddamn years ago and you were trying to get me into some sort of tricked-out Army coffin.” – Rita/Maya Rudolph 

23. The Costco city feels like a real possibility.

24. Joe’s time-travel crisis feels like the plot of every time-travel story ever.

25. TERRY CREWS???? I am ON BOARD with Terry Crews being president. Can we make that happen IRL? (Fun fact: Crews reprised his President Camacho role in a series of Funny or Die videos in 2012.)


26. This press conference seems like not just a possibility, but a probability.


27. It’s nice to see the president flipping people off from his motorcade rather than the other way around.

28. Third best line of the film: “Everyone gets laid at the White House.” - Frito/Dax Shepard

29. Okay, so now Joe works for the government. And he has a week to solve famine, drought, and economic decline.

30. Yikes. The way they talk about Rita is… not good.

31. I love that the solution to every problem so far is essentially Deus ex obvia.

32. Rita just implied that Einstein built the A-bomb because he thought “everyone was a bunch of dumbsh*ts,” which is simultaneously horrifying, hilarious, and relatable.

33. Well, that’s a nice moment of clarity: Joe didn’t do anything and his dumb ass is part of why the world is the way it is.

34. Rehabilitation is a monster truck rally. Better or worse than our current penal system?


35. Well, this is all very phallic.

36. There is a dildo on the hood of his car. That was definitely lost on me 12 years ago.

37. The shoes he was given in prison are Crocs. Now THAT is a read.

38. Okay, Beef Supreme is played by Andrew Wilson, who is IRL Luke Wilson’s brother. So, basically, this fight scene is Boyfights from Arrested Development.


39. Second best line of the film: “I can’t believe you like money too. We should hang out.” - Frito/Dax Shepard

40. Aw, the crops are growing. That’s actually a really beautiful symbol.

41. Okay. I’ll watch Terry Crews knock the crap out of the bad guy in anything.

42. Fourth best line of the film: “This guy just got his ass a pardon!”

43. The theme is stated for the third time, to really bring it home: “What about that ‘Lead, follow, or get out of the way’ sh*t?”

44. Okay. What? The ending is that Joe didn’t save the world, but he did have the three smartest kids on the planet? I don’t… is that an ending?

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