The 4400 cast, crew join fan effort to revive cult hit sci-fi series at Netflix

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Sep 30, 2015, 11:02 AM EDT

It might not have the fanbase of something like Lost, but USA’s mid-2000s sci-fi series The 4400 was surprisingly awesome. In an age where everything is worthy of a revival, some fans (and now the cast and crew) are still holding out hope.

Fans have been pushing for a revival ever since the show ended back in 2007 on a massive cliffhanger, and now they have the cast and crew involved. In support of a new petition formally asking Netflix to pick up the series, the campaign has gotten many of the original stars and creative talent involved to help with the push. It’s also nice to see that the folks behind the show (and the talent) are still truly interested in making it happen.

If you’re unfamiliar, the series followed 4,400 people (get it?) who mysteriously reappear, having vanished at different points over the previous 50+ years. It was a fascinating premise, and they actually managed to pay it off with compelling characters and a dense mythology. Sure, it got a little silly at times, but this was one heck of a solid sci-fi series.

They’ve put together a video clip that is one heck of a nostalgic rush for fans. Check it out below:

It’s obviously a long shot that Netflix would consider it, but hey, generating a little buzz certainly can’t hurt.

(Via io9)