45 thoughts we had while watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas

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Dec 15, 2018, 12:53 PM EST (Updated)

What do gallons of spiked eggnog get you? The script to How the Grich Stole Christmas. Add a line or two of crushed candy canes and you get Jim Carrey as all the Jim Carrey characters of the '90s wrapped up in green faux fur and taking direction from Ron Howard.

The universe decided that since we'd somehow managed to survive Y2K, it would reward us with this film. Was it a gift or a lump of coal? Debatable. Here are 45 thoughts we had while revisiting a film that leaves Krampus shaking.

1. This is a holiday film with a slasher film opening. Teens? A forbidden mountainside? A 7-foot green giant? Definitely a slasher.


2. If the opening couldn't get any more sinister, the Grinch’s haunting smirk does the trick.


3. Where does the Grinch fit among the likes of Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and Leatherface?

4. The Grinch is entering Whoville dressed like he's ready for Who-Purge. 


5. Black Friday in Whoville must be the deadliest day of the year.

7. Is the Grinch kin to the Babadook?

8. The yellow contacts Jim Carrey had to wear are haunting.

9. For someone who hates Christmas, the Grinch is actually a master wrapper.

10. Three words: machine gun lights.


11. Upper-middle-class Whos? Their electric bills have to be through the Who-roof with the amount of Christmas lights.

12. Uber Dump is how the Grinch gets home.

13. The Grinch is clearly nude throughout the film, which is a touch disturbing, but this is what happens when a Dr. Seuss story is brought to life.


14. Is he wearing Savage X Fenty?


15. The Grinch not wanting to leave the house is relatable AF.

16. Hopefully, the talking back Echo is paying rent.

17. Eating because of boredom? ALSO RELATABLE.


18. This script did not shy away from adult jokes.

19. The Whos are having a key party. Maybe Whoville is truly where all the wild things are.


20. This Grinch baby….


21. This love triangle between Martha, the Grinch, and the Mayor...


22. The Grinch should have gone no shave November or gotten a Bevel.

23. Cindy Lou Who is breaking down the Who book. A true Whovangelist.

24. Honestly, the Grinch is into a different kind of BDSM.


25. The Hulk reference! Who Lee!

26. One of the best memes from this year.


27. Last-minute invites are trash.

28. 7:00 wrestling with self-loathing? Relatable.

29. One of the best dressing montages.


30. Cruel prank or cash bar? Same difference.

31. Annnnd the Grinch lands in Whocleavage.


32. The holiday party from hell. The Grinch should have stayed home.

33. The Mayor is a real-life Whodemon. Gifting the Grinch with a gift that's triggering to past trauma and then proposing to their mutual Whocrush.

34. Anal mistletoe. Don't Google that.

35. The Grinch preparing to destroy Christmas is Batman level planning.



37. Whocarjacking. 


38. The Grinch prepping to steal Christmas in just under 4 hours is nothing short of amazing.

39. CGI termite smile.

40. Max gets his salad tossed by the Mayor.


41. Max is going to need dog therapy.

42. The Grinch might need a cardiologist before a therapist.


43. A bigger heart means Captain America-level strength.


44. Margaret May Who and the Grinch definitely have tapes.


45. Only Jim Carrey could have been the live-action version of the Grinch.

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