4 awesome Star Wars recruiting posters urge you to join the fight

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Dec 17, 2012

Gung-ho to defend the galaxy? Think you've got the heart to answer the call and crush the rebels or honor the evil Empire? If you need a little nudge, check out these four awesome Star Wars enlistment ads.

Volunteering for hopeless causes is a familiar theme in sci-fi. Posters of the past have stirred the blood of many a young hero and heroine. Face it, soldier, the propaganda machine plays a major role in any outer-space campaign, no matter where the pulse lasers glare.

Artist Cat Staggs designed these limited-edition prints specially for Star Wars Celebrations over the past six years, with the latest, "The Guns of Endor," offered for sale at the gala event in Orlando this Aug. 23-26.

Choose a side and don't look back!

(via Deviant Art)