4 amazing things about Priest that made Paul Bettany go '@#&$ me!'

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

Paul Bettany sure used the F word a lot during his interviews at Comic-Con. But this wasn't a Mel Gibson-type rampage. He actually meant it as a good thing. Four times on the set of his latest movie, Priest, Bettany found himself screaming, "@#&$ me" with excitement!

Priest is based on the Korean comic books by Hyung Min-woo. The priests are an army of vampire fighters, so whenever Bettany saw something awesome on the set, he just said, "@#&$ me." He told us about those "@#&$ me" moments in a group interview on Friday in San Diego.

The "@#&$ me" mountain

Sure, mountains are pretty. It's no reason to get that excited. Unless, of course, it's a man-made mountain created in a soundstage to look awesome. "It's a huge soundstage where they created the whirlwind, the storm for Wizard of Oz," Bettany said. "You come in and I thought '@#&$ me,' they built a mountain. There was a mountain built out of foam. So he didn't want to just shoot us on blue [screen]. He really wanted to create it."

The "@#&$ me" gear

The mountain was the first thing that got him. Then they rolled out the sweet gear in Priest's arsenal. "You get really invested in it when you come in and go, 'Wow, that's @#&$-ing beautiful,'" Bettany continued. "Guns would turn up that were just so exquisitely manufactured and designed. All of the weapons were so cool. The bikes that would turn up, these motorbikes turned up, you'd go, 'Wow.' This stuff would just keep turning up that we'd go whoa."

The "@#&$ me" attitude

When the movie starts, all the priests have been retired. The war is over. When a new vampire kidnaps Priest's niece, that's when Priest is back in action. "It's suddenly time to kill again for my character. '@#&$ me,' he's good at it and it must feel great to be back finally. He's been working in a foundry, in a smelting works and suddenly he's got the smell of battle again."

The embarassing "@#&$ me"

Okay, he didn't actually swear about this, but it sounds like he should have. It will be when we see Priest mowing down vampires with guns and motorcycles on mountaintops. Shooting the visual effects sounds so silly, it would make us say, "@#&$ me." "A lot of the vampires that I killed in this were actually pillows, which were a little humiliating," he said. "At the time I was fighting them they were pillows. It's hard to look butch and stab a pillow in mid-air."

Priest opens January 14.