4 stunning new Doctor Who promo posters (plus more teasers)

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Dec 14, 2012

While everyone's still trying to figure out some of those Doctor Who teasers from yesterday, the BBC released these smashing new character posters of the Doctor (Matt Smith), Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill).

Oh, and we added a few more teasers, but these are a bit more spoilery in nature ... so beware!

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat promises us that season six will be scarier than last year, saying:

"Well, we've moved through the funfair a bit—we've done the rollercoaster, now we're on the ghost train. ... Now he's [Matt Smith as the Doctor] really here, and the part is his, and the bow tie is cool, he's ready to lead us places we didn't know existed. Last year we reassured you—this year, to hell with that, we're going to worry the hell out of you. How well do we really know that man, or what he's capable of? We're putting the Who? back in the Doctor.''

Heck, we don't know about you, but we're already worried—what with one of our beloved characters already doomed to die in the opener!

Moffat also promises us some pretty scary aliens: "We're gonna get some. They're ... scary. Very scary," Moffat says, "and, ohh, I don't want to say more—there's the Silence in 1 & 2, the Siren, in episode 3, the Gangers in 5 & 6, all these are more than just freaky costumes and masks; there are SCARY ideas here. And just wait till you meet Idris in episode 4."

Now WHAT could be more scary than the Weeping Angels? Guess we'll soon find out!

And before you go drool over those awesome posters, here are a couple more teasers straight from Doctor Who TV for you. And as we said, beware, some may be a bit more spoilery than others ...

♦ The death of a main character occurs within the first 10 minutes of "The Impossible Astronaut" — there is a proper funeral for the person who dies.

♦ The 'TARDIS' from "The Lodger" makes an appearance, and that isn't the end of it.

♦ The Doctor's body is a work of art — the tally marks are self-inflicted.

♦ The Silence will return after the opening two-parter — who's the daddy ... ?

♦ "Day of the Moon" ends on 2 cliffhangers.

(via official BBC Doctor Who site)

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