5 actors we'd like to see cast in that Fantastic Four Reboot

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:32 AM EDT (Updated)

Apparently Fantastic Four is set to begin filming this summer. You know what the production needs? Actors. Here are our picks.

All cards on the table, we get why there haven't been any names thrown in the ring for this reboot -- finding the right actors for these parts ain't easy! A lot of big-name actors already play important roles within the Marvel universe. Heck, some of their careers have taken off specifically because of the Marvel universe.

Add to that the fact that Fantastic Four has a dubious-at-best history with movies and you've got a real challenge.

We've selected actors for the core four, plus Doctor Doom.  We went a little out of the box for some of these and took some big risks. But that's part of what makes movies worth seeing more often than not -- risk.

So here we go -- the actors we'd like to see in the new Fantastic Four!

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