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5 announcements we want from DC Comics at SDCC

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Jul 12, 2017, 5:00 PM EDT

It's the last new comic book day before another San Diego Comic-Con begins next week, and that means we can't help but wonder what comic book surprises the show has in store for us.

San Diego is always a platform for publishers to show off their biggest and shiniest new projects to hordes of hungry fans, and this year is sure to be no different. So, just as we did yesterday with Marvel, we're digging into the DC side of things to take a guess at what bombshells they may be waiting to drop on the unsuspecting nerds of San Diego.

Last year I hoped for a new series starring Shazam, the JSA and the Atom and hoped for announcements regarding Multiversity Too and Milestone, but I completely struck out! We haven't got any of those things; the closest was a one-shot focused on the Atom and his joining the JLA. But hey, you can't win them all. So this year I'm shaking things up and bringing you an (almost) completely different list of 5 wishes for DC announcements at San Diego. Hopefully they listen to me this year!

Of course, these are only my personal hopes, and I'm sure you have a comic book wish list of your own, so let us know what you want from DC in the comments below. And be sure to check back tomorrow for the news we hope to get from the publishers outside the Big 2!

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DC's comic book imprint for "Dangerous Humans" has been an unquestionable success. Their first wave of titles — including Doom Patrol, Mother Panic, Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye and Shade, the Changing Girl — have all found audiences and have all been positively received. The line launched its newest title, Bug! The Adventures of Forager, earlier this year, but that miniseries will be wrapping a few months after Comic-Con, so now would be a perfect time to let fans know what's next.

The Gerard Way-helmed line has been focusing mostly on the oddball characters found in the fringes of the DCU, so there are plenty of characters that could be contenders for new series. Will Magnus has made brief appearances in Cave Carson, so a book starring his creations, the Metal Men, would be a natural fit, but I would also love to see Young Animal's take on characters like The Creeper, Dial H for Hero or Captain Marvel. Whatever is next, as long as it's kind of weird, I'm in.

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We recently learned about Sean Gordon Murphy's upcoming Elseworlds Batman tale Batman: White Knight, but we've known for some time that he's also working on a second Bat-book with Scott Snyder. It was long assumed to have been an arc of All-Star Batman, but it turns out that All-Star will be ending with issue #14 ... but Snyder has stated that his run will continue, just in a mysterious new format that will provide "a bigger stage" for Murphy. We don't know what exactly that means, but we know it won't be monthly, will be in a larger publishing format and will continue the stories originally planned for All-Star with artists like Paul Pope, Lee Bermejo and Afua Richardson also on the lineup. Whatever new format DC has concocted sounds exciting, and I can't wait to hear more about it, hopefully next week!

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DC's wild reimaginings of cartoon classics proved far more successful than anyone would have guessed, and we want more! Wacky Raceland finished after six issues, while the critically acclaimed Flintstones wrapped last month and Scooby Apocalypse will run at least through September. Future Quest is the only one that has already been replaced, with Future Quest Showcase set to premiere in August, but that leaves the line at only two books as of the fall. We are fairly certain there's a new Snagglepuss series on the way, but what else could DC have in store for fans? More of the Howard the Duck style of Top Cat we saw in the crossover one-shots? A hyper-violent Hong Kong Phooey book styled after The Raid? A gritty western starring Quickdraw McGraw? A story set on a beach being terrorized by an out-of-control Jabberjaw? I need more cartoon craziness and I need it now, DC!

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With the release of Dark Days: The Forge last month, fans were introduced to a new team of Outsiders that were working for Batman, searching for magical metals and alloys as evidence for a crazy conspiracy he's been investigating. We'll presumably learn more in today's Dark Days: The Casting one-shot, but beyond that, we want more Outsiders! There are bound to be more Rebirth books eventually — we've only got Batwoman and Justice League of America since the original Rebirth lineup — and this would be a perfect addition. The roster we saw included Metamorpho, Black Lightning, Katana, Halo and Geo-Force, so if they just tossed the also-hinted-at Plastic Man into the mix, it would be just about perfect.

However, if we can only get one new team book from DC, it has to be …

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Seriously, DC, what the heck is going on? The JSA was a big part of the Rebirth announcement and were even featured heavily on the cover of the DC Universe: Rebirth one-shot, but we've hardly seen anything from the classic Golden Age team since. We saw Jay Garrick return during the Batman/Flash crossover "The Button," but other than that, it's been a whole lot of nothing. These characters are too important and too cool to leave in limbo for much longer, and I don't want to have to include them on a third list for SDCC hopes this time next year, so hop to it! Geoff Johns had a long run on the team back in the day and has a clear affinity for the characters, so I know they aren't being forgotten. I just hope we don't have to wait until Doomsday Clock is over before we finally see them.